Friday, August 22, 2008

Russia Slaps U.S./French In The Face

Russia, using a tactic they learned form the Germans at the beginning of WWII, has established a foot hold in Georgia, which they do not intend to surrender. The fact is that over and over The Soviet Union used a tactic used by Hitler to take and occupy territories, Their tactic was to invade a country and promise withdrawal, with the intention of remaining.
It is clear that The Russians have thrown down the gauntlet to The U.S. and NATO. They are simply daring them to force them to withdraw. The current situation is such that Russia bullied by it's vast supply of Oil and Diamond's has concluded that The U.S. and NATO will have no choice but to accept this slap in the face, because Europe and The U.S. have unwisely tied their economies to Russia.
All the signs of this move by Russia were there, but Bush mistook his close relationship with Putin to be real. The Russian's have never dealt honestly with the U.S. unless the finger of The President was on the button. Their history is steeped with a tradition of lies and deceit on the highest levels and this is no exception. Over decades The U.S, and NATO have been pushed to the brink of war by Soviet expansionism. Now Russia seeks to follow that Path again. The lack of intelligence about Russia's designs and their Ultimate goal remain a mystery to The Bush administration, but clearly one objective is to fully control the flow of oil to Europe through a vital pipeline that runs through Georgia. If the pattern of Russia's behavior holds to that of Soviet times they will stall until the U.S. and NATO capitulate and allow their force to stay. This will then be followed by a move to take full control of Georgia, which will force NATO and The U.S. to either respond militarily or cede Georgias sovereignty to Russia.
This is simply a pause in the Russian invasion of Georgia and it signals a williness by Russia and Putin to continue with it's land grab until it has retaken Poland. The line has to be drawn in the sand with every option on the table to respond to this expansionism. If it does not the old Soviet Satellites will begin to fall like dominoes

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