Sunday, July 15, 2012

The case for maximum Lattitude "Iran"

     Revolution in Iran is probably not on the horizon. Although the students that led the revolution are a later generation, those who desire that are in a system that has acquired western intelligence skills. This makes organizing a revolution almost impossible. Those who survived the purge that the Khomeini have conducted through the decades are surrounded by people who are tied to the government.
     The mas sad has taught the need to keep things dark, so if Iran signals that it has nuclear capability it is because the Russians have allowed them to do so. A nuclear Iran can, only then, be on the horizon as Russia and Red China attempt to amass the power they wish to wield. The power to close down the oil lanes which will hold the west at their mercy.
      Iran and Iraq are the key to controlling the gulf. Once bitter enemies, Iran has gained an ally in Iraq because of the religious ties they hold in common. Little do they know of the sway that Russia and China will hold over them, Much as north Vietnam learned during the years the Vietnam War raged. They found China to be an unwelcome neighbor and Russia to be just as distasteful. Iran and Iraq would find that their oil would be the slave to Russian and China's whim and those whims would be, to control the world by withholding oil from the markets, creating another 1970 oil embargo that would never end, while they diverted oil and the profits of controlling it, to obtaining a stead fast grip on the flow of oil around the world, and there by forcing a show down over energy. One they think they can win with China's new Navy.
     This is only a very cursory assessment of the situation, but it demands consideration in respect to how to deal with Iran. Sanctions should be accompanied by the determination to use a wide latitude of responses to Iran's continued power expansion. Nothing should be off the table in respect to response, from covert  to military. Military doesn't mean all out war which would be stupidity, but a thought toward cooling off relations with Russia and China and more militaristic position by the U.S. toward them.

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