Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gas and your Congressman's Big Bank Account

Do you wonder why your congressmen and senators tell you your whining as you complain about the price of gas taking the food out of your kids mouth's? Do you wonder why they don't seem to get it? I don't. The real story is that they get paid by the oil companies to shut you up. As you are filling your tank watching the dials spin faster than a slot machine it's putting moneymoney in his or her pocket.
Everytime they vote for the oil companies position they get contributions from big oil and every lobbyists company that is making a profit from it. They'll lie to your face and they have, but you think it's everyone elses representative who is the problem. Hell they know your name> They live down the street. Your kids play Little League together. He wouldn't do that to you. Well your wrong.
There is only one member of the whole Cogress that doesn't take the money. Only one and it prolly isn't yours. Do you know what the rest of Congress thinks of him when he talk''s about the immorality of taking lobbyists money? Can you guess? They tell him he's crazy. They laugh at him.
Now let's put this on a level that every american can relate to. Have you ever bought a car and the person didn't tell you about a problem? Or maybe you sold it. Well in either case money was behind it. To make this clear. I will even tell you that I bought a car from a respected lawyer. He was making good money, but do you know he sold me that car and a week later the engine blew. So now your saying; Well it's your own fault. Never trust anyone!
Well then why do you trust congress when they are getting hundreds of thousands of dollars to vote a certain way. Fools. For every dollar he's bringing home to your district he's stuffing 2 in the bank or maybe 200. All politicians are proffessional liars. If they weren't in Congress they'ld be in the penitentiary. Now your saying, but mines rich. Well remember the car stupid. There is a simple principle here and it has nothing to do with Democrats an Republicans. You vote them in things get worse and they blame everyone else. The day your Congressperson or your Senator takes responsibility for anything bad is the day hell freezes over or the day he or she retires. They spend their terms pointing fingers and blaming others and you bite like a fish that hasn't seen food in a month. They are con men. I know yours is different. He helped you out. Well stupid that's his job and his staff person probably arranged it and he took the credit. Get it straight they are either getting richer, or rich, or on their way to being rich.
The biggest bullshit line you'll ever here is we need to get spending under control. The U.S. owes 57 trillion dollars. The congress authorized it to be spent. Just in case your really stupid 57 trillion dollars would probably cover the state of texas in one dollar bills. Just in case you never learned geography, Texas is massive. It takes a day to get from the northern border to Dallas. If you drive your pickup 100 miles in to town about 500 times you have covered about one thid of Texas from inch to inch. If you take a day trip and it was 4 hours of driving you haven't even seen a city in Texas yet.
Now for the real morons who think that the President spends all the money and makes everything good or bad. The President can wipe his ass without the approval of Congress and that's about it. Now I know George Bush has done whatever he wanted and he's screwed most of us, but guess who gave him permission, Yes Congress. If the government is building a fence through your yard, Congress gave them permission. get it straight. You vote them in and they say yes or no to everything.
In conclusion and just in case your stupid, moronic, or ignorant the price of oil is Congress's fault and they are getting payed by the oil companies to keep the price high. They probably have oil stock. So go in the voting booth and vote for the same guy or gal you've supported for 10 years or more, and realize that you just thanked them for your gas bill, your food bill, and every nickle and dime that the government taxes out of you. If your still dumb enough to believe that what I have said is not true, ask your librarian or the local paper. The local paper is not a good idea if it's owned by your Congressman.

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