Monday, August 25, 2008

OBAMA: No More Lobbyists?

Obama's rallying call of change and his pledge end the influece of lobbyists seems to be dead before the beginning of the Democratc Convention. According to NBC news, lobbyits have overwhelmed The Delegates with parties and gifts. The most powerful members of congress were partying with lobbyuts befoe Dean opened the Convention with the gavel.Lobbyists are even goign to throw a party for Obama, demonstrating that nothing will change in Washington under his presidency.
The convention's 50 million dollar price tag was financed through the guidance of a lobbyist who raised the money from lobbyists. Carl Levin stated that there was nothing wrong with going to a long time friends party. So as you can see Congress considers lobbyists to be friends. What does this matter? Well, if yu are one of the people who vote for him and are not a life long friend you probably don't rate high enough for him to care about you.
Change? I don't see it. Money still talks in the Democratic Party, So if you're working class, you can count on exactly zero from them. You have to be able to serve them a 1000 dollar mea, caviar, the best whiskey, and Cuban Cigars, then things will change for you, but if you could do that why would you need change?
The old attage is "actions speak louder than word and we've seen their actions. The rest will be their meaningless words.

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