Friday, August 22, 2008

The New Underground

The Hidden News is the voice of the new underground. It is not a violent movement, or a cult, or a militia, or a bunch of people who want to bring down the government. It is the beginning a movement to reestablish the rights that people have under The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. Through the years the politicians have played with the courts to change the original intent of The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. Two documents that most Americans have not read and have no clue what rights it grants them.
The politicians and the people who wield real power in this country do not want you to know the intent of these documents or the real rights they give you. Through nominations to The Federal court, especially the Supreme Court These people have changed The true meaning of these Documents and how they apply to you. The true nature of these Documents without the spin of the media, or politicians, or some historians is clear. The meaning of these documents is exactly what The Documents say.
The Founding Fathers didn't agree on the wording of either of these documents for years, because they wanted to set a clear path for this nation. The only way to change rights given in The Constitution is to pass an amendment. History 101 people and the part you didn't pay attention to in high school. The reason the Founding Fathers did this was to the keep control of this country in the hands of you and I. The politicians would have you believe that their decisions and the laws they make are Constitutional, because by voting for them we some how agreed that they had the power to pass any law. They have formed The Federal Court System to back this up by appointing Judges and Prosecutors and hiring a huge wealth of lawyers and establishing Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, such as the FBI and the NSA. Most of the money the government spends is in defence of the politicians version of The Bill of Rights and The Constitution in one way or another. So the question really is ,what are your real rights. Well guess what your real rights include the right to decide what your real rights are. That's right. We don't get to do this as individuals, but as a country we have the right to vote on issues, just as you do in your state when you vote on a proposition. Of course in ten seconds every politician, news agency, and power broker will deny this, but it is a right in The Constitution. They want you to believe that only they can say what direction this country goes in and what we should be able to do. Now your saying, no way right? The facts are that, "we The People" means you and I not just some guy you did or did not vote for, who is probably doing the nanny or the pool boy, and finding ways to take money for favors, doesn't have the last say. Not even the Courts have the last say, "We The People" have the last say. If you read anything besides the funnies, or read instead of waiting for the Networks to tell you, You would know.
The problem in this country is that you are all gullible suckers. Your ambulance chasing lawyer either doesn't know enough law or he knows that it would cost a lot of money to enforce these rights. The ACLU, who everyone loves to hate can only take certain cases, so you get screwed.
Let me give you a quick history lesson. The Constitutional Congress were criminals under British Law, which The King of England made at his whim. For the real idiots reading this, that means he could make a law just, because he felt like it. They all conspired against England and therefore were traitors, but many had also committed acts against the Crown. These were not boy scouts by any stretch the imagination. They were hard core revolutionaries. I know that word is thrown around like popcorn, but it basically means that they wanted to bring down The British Government in this country. The colonists had had it with the king the Taxes, and a great number of other things. The fact that they did not all dislike the British for the same reason, made it difficult to agree on anything. There were quite a few drafts done of The Constitution before they all agreed to sign it. Once they had agreed to The Document "The people" had to be willing to fight for it, because the British weren't going to sing Kumbaya with them and go. They knew they would have to fight a real war. Not all the people followed the revolutionaries. Their were many people who were loyal to England and they sided with The British, so the beginning of our country started from tough people and they existed in an underground movement. These people did not stand still to be shot by the British. They used, what was in their day, Guerrilla Warfare. They were ruthless and deadly.
Here is the point of your short history lesson. The Constitution wasn't written by your aunt Bea and it wasn't an invitation to Paris Hilton's Birthday Affair at The Exclusive club. It was hard core. The Founding Father's knew what they were saying and doing and signing. There lives were on the line. They wrote what they meant and they knew if The British caught them, they would be executed. Bottom line here is that if you hear anyone saying that the constitution was just a guide to the people, or it was not really what was meant by The Founding Fathers, You are listening to a liar or a poor misguided soul who has been brainwashed by The Government. The Government doesn't pay people to write books and articles for nothing. They want history told their way. The only time we get a good look at what's going on, is when they start stabbing each other in the back leaking things, but believe me that stuff is going on all the time.
The New Underground is about revealing to you what the government, politicians, and the power brokers do and say to keep you from exercising your rights. What they do in your name. Why people in other countries don't care for us. What's really going on in the world. Why your job just went to India or China, or where ever. How you have literally been sold out. Why soon there will be only high tech jobs, sales, and laborer jobs left in this country, And many other deep secrets that the government thinks it's best you not know for it's own good.
No politician is going to give back what has been taken from us. Go Vote, but know this, a man who makes you pay money to get on his web page and see his positions, is not trying to save you. He's trying to get rich. Why? Because money is power and The presidency and power and money are some people's drug. When a guy with over 100,000,000 dollars asks you to keep donating, he has one plan. to get very rich, Retire quick, and have people worship him. Now guess who this person would be.
I strongly suggest you vote none of the above in this election. You caught on too late, the damage is done, don't magnify it. " We The People", Americans! Unite with knowledge and take back your country with it. Use information to fix this country. Use information for Truth and The American Dream. A Dream that is quickly slipping from your hands and will not be there for your children, because it has been sold.

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