Sunday, August 10, 2008

Russia Strikes The U.S. Bush Impotent

The Russian invasion of Georgia is a direct strike against the United States. It was timed in the style of old Soviet Regime; waiting for the worlds eyes to be turned toward China and The Olympic Games. The Russian invasion is a direct challenge to the United State and Nato. Putin has thrown the glove down to the United States. In the mean time, President Bush has backed down from supporting an important ally in that region. Georgia was one of The few nations to send troops to Iraq in supoort of Bush's Iraq Policy. The Russians will see this as weakness in the United States. A weakness that will put Nato an all the former Soviet Block countries in iminent danger of invasion. The New Russia has challenged the United States and this administration has failed to show any resolve in the situation. Only and swift and strong reaction can stem the tide of the Russian machine. This forebodes a move by Russia to take back control of all the Soviet Block nations of old and establishment of a New Soviet Regime. Make no mistake the Russian's are directly challenging the power of The United States. If this country does not respond immediately and decisively the Russian Machine will roll on unchecked until full scale war erupts. History has taught us that the Russians are not to be trusted. They are ever the aggessor in the world community pushing the envelope to the maximum. Bush has dishonored his country by his inaction and put it in serious peril. The United States has never failed to stand up to the Soviet Union or Russia in the past 75 years. His lack of action shows an impotence in the resolve of this country to stand up to one of it's oldest enemies and will bring a new threat to the world. Only John MCcaine, the elder statesman understands the danger that is descending upon the United States and the world. This blogger predicted that Russia would strike and they have. Make no mistake Putin is sending a message to the world and that message is that the Soviet Union is back. It is time to kick the tires and light the fires on the B52 and all the Stealths. Show Russia The United States is still a formidable force that should be disregarded.
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