Monday, August 11, 2008

Communism Flourishes as The U.S Falls

It seems that the world and especially the United States have forgotten the threat of Communism. Once the United States fought it at every turn with all it's might. It condemed the brutal repressive nature of Communism and stood against it's spread. Now Communist nations are embraced into the world Community. What has changed that a clear threat to the American way of life is now ignored and indeed excepted? The change is that these nations and especially China (A country that massacred it's own people in Tienanmen Square and still refuses to value the lives of it citizens) has become a Bastian for immoral American Companies to do business. These companies have no moral sense. They only exist to sustain themselves and to spread as independent entities across the globe. They ignore murder and repression, so that they can make the maximum in profit. The United State has become obsessed by status, even as it sinks deeper and deeper into debt and financial crisis. This crisis is only likely to grow larger and larger in the future, because Americans have become status crazy. They will pay 150.00 dollars for a pair of sneakers that cost only 10 dollars to make. Their TVs cost a 100 dollars to produce but they will pay thousands for The name on them. All over this country people are paying top dollar for inexpensive goods, enriching the very same countries we fought for years, because of their imperial nature and their desire to destroy our way of life. Every time you buy goods made in Communist china you fund the Chinese government in their quest to spread Communism through the world; All the while subjecting billions of their people to abject poverty and repression. One thing that can't be denied is that China has become such a powerful economic force in The Unites States and all the world, that free leaders accept and support the rise to power of a Nation who's aim has been to dominate South East Asia and spread it's doctrine through those regions. China no longer needs weapons and wars to spread Communism across the globe. It's economic power has put it in a position to spread it's doctrine through trade and at the same time destroy the free governments of the west. The threat that China possess is real and palpable. It has bought the debt of The United States and many other countries. It uses that debt to shape policy toward it and businesses who once had an allegiance to the west have abandondoned their morals for the promise of huge profits. The blind eye that American and western companies have turned toward the political and moral standards of the west will lead to their very destruction for the west will lose it's strength and the ability to protect it's interests in this economy. They will have put their companies futures and their profits at the mercy of regimes that by their very nature promise to subvert the power of the west, there-by surrendering the protection of the west. Russia is no minor player in this scenario either. It's huge oil reserves and it's massive diamond deposits fuel the growth of it's military. The same military that sought to crush freedom throughout the world and succeeded in it's seizure of the all the former Soviet satellite countries. It ruled with the iron fist policy it held toward them and the United states since WWII. It crushed the Poles when they tried to regain freedom with tanks and troops. The United States and it's greed and it's pursuit of perceived status, has drawn us ever closer to the possibility of financial ruin and the end of what we know as freedom in this country. Make no mistake the enemies of The United States are many and our economy and our ability to defend ourselves assured that freedom would continue in this country. Now with the dwindling of our political, economic, and military power our very freedom is at stake and countries who have a tradition of being our mortal enemies are doing economically what they could not do militarily. They are turning this nation into a weak country which they can manipulate and one day control. Already The United States is compromising it's core beliefs to prop up it's economy. The fall of the United States would surely mean the fall of the west and the democracy it holds so dearly. We are on the brink of losing our Democratic way of life and being turned into a second class nation. The threat is imminent and the result will be the loss of the freedoms guaranteed to you by the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. We must not compromise now, These are dangerous times. We can not risk a president who will bend to the will of our enemies or we will become a slave to Communism and Fascism. Our government will be weak and it will do the bidding of those who would see The United States destroyed. At that time our voices will cease to be heard and everything we own will be in danger of becoming the property of the state. A state controlled by the whims of the Chinese and the Russians. If you find this difficult to believe I ask you to remember that the United Kingdom was once the largest super power in the world, but The United States beat them militarily and delivered the death blow by it's far reaching economic Power. Will you allow this to be our fate? Will you allow the power of The United States and it's ability to protect it's people in nearly every part of the world go the way of The United Kingdom? The choice is yours. You must decide the fate of this nation and your children's futures to come. Choose wisely!!
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