Saturday, August 2, 2008

American's are ignorant

The government and the news agencies know your ignorant. Yes your ignorant. The first thing to know is that the government does not include real statistics for unemployment, inflation,or the state of the economy. We could be in the deepest depression in history and you'ld know it, but they aren't going to tell you. Oh you say. Economists would. Sorry wrong again. Most economists are either working for the government or getting funds from it, so no they are not going to tell you.
Unemployment does not count everyone who is not working. It only includes people who are getting benefits (basically). So when your unemployment runs out you are no longer considered to be unemployed. This is how the government keeps the unemployment numbers at between 5 and 6 percent. The real number could be as high as 20 percent. They aren't going to tell you, because they want to get reelected and keep their jobs. Inflation figures are a lie too. The government does not include energy and most of what is breaking you. This is a fact. The real numbers on inflation could be as high as 25% (maybe more). The government doesn't count the rising price of luxury items. What is a luxury item? Well one of them is your car! After all you don't realy need it. You don't even know what the gross national product is. No big deal except this is one of the main economic indicators that the government uses to tell how healthy the economy is. The gross national product is the amount of goods produced and sold. The problem is it doesn't take into account who's buying them. We could sell a billion dollars worth of goods to china and you could all be sitting on your wallets and the government would tell you things are great. It doesn't matter if it was made in Mexico and assembled here or if it came here 90% made and shiipped with the companies label. It counts. So while your your living on the street, because you lost your job and the bankforeclosed. The government tells you things are wonderful.
The mainstream press in The United States won't give you the real numbers either, because they don't investigate squat. They are busy keeping theirs sources happy so they can get access to the governments elected officials and their employees. The government tells the press what they can report on and how much of it they can report. Half of everything that goes on in the government is either secreet or top secret for political reasons. You ask how couldn't they know about something important. The fact is they knew, but they wanted to get reelected, so they made it secret from you. These people are not ignorant. They have some of the brightest people in The United States working for them. They pretend not to know things, because they don't want you to know they knew. They know that most of the calls and emails and texts that are sent in this country are intercepted and read before they ever get to their legitimate recipient. So, why don't they come after you, because they can't admit it. Now you might think they don't use anything they get. Wrong again. They find other evidence they can show the public to indict people by following what they've learned by ease dropping on you. The fact is that when they say they stumbled upon it accidently, it's probably from an illegal source originally. But you are stupid. You think these things have no affect on you. Think again the government is watching all your online banking. They know all your credit card numbers and bank accounts. They know your balance and all this information is in government computers. It's on the hard drives of laptops, which they don't tell you, but get stolen all the time. The only blessing is that the files are highly encrypted, so most of the time they just get sold and the new owner erases everything and puts windows on it. You can shred everything and put a padlock on your mailbox, but all you information is floating around for anyone to see. Now, I know you don't believe this, but the credit reporting agencies get it from somewhere and they know more about you than you think. So what's the bottom line? The government is not in business to serve you. It's is a 6 headed creature that wnats to exist whether your here or not. The government will out last all of us and it has no interest, but in sustaining itself. It may help you, but that is just, so that is just in the interest of it's own self preservation.
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