Thursday, August 28, 2008

Denver. The Democratic Sodom And Gamorrah

While the Democratic big wigs are treated like royalty Obama pretends it's not happening. Obama has unofficially taken over The Democratic Committee, but lobbyists are spending millions to get close to High Party Officials. If Obama can't keep lobbyists out of the Convention he planned, how will he do it as president. Actions speak louder than words. There isn't a person in this country who hasn't been taken in by a smooth talker once, whether it was a false friend, associate, politician, religious leader, or whatever. We all found out the hard way that people can talk and we became wise enough to watch peoples actions. If Obama could change the greed in Washington, he would have been at The Convention renouncing the behavior of his fellow Democrats. It is clear that the only change there will be in politics as usual is that he may not take the money, but that will not change business as usual in Washington D.C.. Money will still do the talking in Congress and those of us who don't have it will be in the same boat as they are now. You can follow the Democrats blindly, but they are not demonstrating that they are any different from The Republicans.
We hear that four more years of a Republican President will end the world and that we are at a crossroads in our path, but ask yourself, If all this is true why aren't The Democrats acting like it. Politicians all play head games with us. They tell you what you want to hear in a way that plays on your emotions and you follow blindly like sheep. When will you change things? When will you stop looking for a Messiah and take matters into your own hands? when will you send Washington a message with your votes that business as usual in Washington is over. You have all lost your voices and you want someone to give it back to you, but no one can give you your voice back. You have to stand up and use it. It's time you stopped telling your friends and neighbors and start telling the politicians. I don't see that happening any time soon, so the change you long for will not happen or it will be diluted by the special interests to the point that it's unrecognizable. Change< I don't think so. Change is something you have to work for and Americans have become scared helpless sheep. This isn't what the men died for on the beaches of Normandy. They died so that people could make their futures in a free country, not wait for someone else to do it for them. You wait and things are out of your control, because instead of making things happen you wait for the brass ring to find you. You are one paycheck away from losing your house and everything you worked for. Your children are one paycheck away from having no future and you do nothing, but vote and pray. How sad this country has become when we can no longer protect ourselves from The Russians and The Chinese and here at home we throw up our hands in despair. This is not the America of my father fear has taken it's soul.

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