Friday, August 29, 2008

Democrats Respond with More Male Chauvinism

Today the 2008 Election for president truly became historical, because not only is there an African American man running, but at the same time a woman is on the ticket for vice president. I'm sure many had hoped that the woman would have been Hillary Clinton, but the male chauvinists prevailed and she was not picked. Instead Johm MC cain has picked Sarah Palin as his running mate. The Democratic response to this pick is typically chauvinistic. Instead of recognizing her as a champion for reform and the product of the working classes success, They have labeled her a Hail Mary pass by MC cain. I'm sure that would not have been their response had it been a man, but the fact is that The Democratic "Good Ole Boy' club, who showed their stripes in Hillary's bid for the nomination, have once again risen in chorus to devalue women's roles in this country and it's politics.
They call themselves the party of the people, but they have not shown that today. Only one day after MC Cain put out a commercial to congratulate Obama on his achievement, The Democrats have shown no class by once again diminishing women" importance.'s Mark Halperin labels Palin as "Sarah the Barracuda", a demeaning term reserved for women who are fighter's like Hillary, showing once again the bias of the press against women that runs rampant there. One wonders what their opinion of their mothers might be or if they think they were grown in a petry dish and raised by apes. The fact that Mrs. Palin is beautiful has not missed the iyer of the press. It seems they think that women in politics should be trolls. If you need to see why Hillary was not backed by the establishment, you only have to look as far as The Democrats reaction to Sarah Palin and the bias of the press.
I have not endorsed a candidate in this race. My choice will be my own and it will not be public. The Hidden News simply points out the inequities that exist and seek to give everyone a voice and the rights they deserve. It is not interested in handicapping the race for President. Instead it is interested in restoring and supporting people's Constitutional Rights; no matter what race or gender or other quality that people have.

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