Saturday, August 23, 2008

Numbers: Deceit In America.

America it is time to get the facts. The government, the press and major industries use numbers to lie to you or keep you ignorant. What does %5 unemployment mean? What does percentage of GNP mean. You have no idea. The fact is that none wants you to know the numbers. 5% unemployment could mean 5% of 250 mullion people in the United States, which would be 125,000 people with out jobs, if it was not for the fact that you cease to exist when your unemployment runs out. Isn't it funny that they don't tell you how many people's unemployment ran out? There is a reason for that, they don't want you to know that millions of people are out there looking for jobs, so they don't count them.
Inflation is at 5 or 6 percent right? What number is 5 or 6 percent? Millions or billions. They don't want you to know. They don't count fuel cost and a half a dozen other expenses that you have to pay every year, so you can bet inflation is in the high Billions of dollars. All you know about the whole thing is your going broke hoping for a raise.
Does the government ever tell you mow many trillions of dollars it takes in from Taxes and fees. Do they tell you how many trillion they borrowed from China and Russia and God knows what other immoral countries? The answer to all of this is no. No one including the candidates will tell you any of this.
When was the first time you heard that your mortgage was owned by someone in another country, who has no interest in your welfare. The banks have sold our land and our houses right out from under us to anyone with the money to pay. The odds are your house is foreign owned and it will be until you pay the mortgage. Communist, fascist, monarchy's; they didn't care and the government went right along with it. A mass murderer could own your mortgage or a drug lord, because shadow corporations were formed to buy up mortgages.
This is just the tip of the iceberg people. Look at the Presidential election,. Have they told you the number of people who support MCcaine and Obama. No they haven't. It could be 10 million to 12 million people who support each one of them in the race. There you are sitting there thinking, "Well 49% of the people support so and so and that's a lot. Well the truth is that 49% of 100 is a lot different than of 10 million. For the math majors that is 49 people and 4.9 million people respectively. Your deciding who to elect for president and you have no idea how many supporters they have. You don't even have a clue how many of them will vote.
It's time Americans demanded to know exact amounts. You get a pay check and you see the amount on it. It does not say pay 10% to you. 10% percent of what. It's time you wrote to your congressman and told him you want the numbers. No more hiding the truth. When was the last time the networks explained what the numbers were. People no one wants you to know. Would you buy a car with no price tag? Would you write a blank check to the electric company and say charge me what you thinks is fair. Come back to reality people, make them tell you how much your paying, how much they get, how many people have no jobs, how much more you are paying because of inflation a month, and how much money they are spending altogether. Get the numbers! This is an election year people, know what your voting for. Know how much it will cost you. Don't write a blank check.

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