Friday, August 15, 2008

Bush Cowars as Russia Rolls On.

Bush has backed down from the Russian challenge. The administration will not get into a conflict with Russia. The language that Russia has used publicly shows that The United States is the least of Russia worries in the world. They have evry reason to believe that they can once again dominate and violate the soverenty of nations without meaningful consequences.
There was a time when Kennedy had to make th decision whether to stand up to a far more dangerous Soviet Leader. His reaction was to blockade Cuba and stand toe to toe with The Soviet Union. Bush has decided to run and hide.
Russia may appear to be a democracy, but just as in Soviet times their leaders are hand chosen by their predecessor. The election is a farce and Putin has murdered all the opposition and failed to mention that the investigations that were done were just for show. The British are however convinced that the Russian Government murdered a informant in the U.K.
George Bush has said that he and Putin are great freinds and that he has looked into Putin's soul. Sounds to me like Bush has done to many qualudes. Putin is, was and will always be KGB. Though he says he's exKGB, there is no such animal as exKGB. I wouldn't trust any KGB agent to play it straight and I think Bush is a fool if he believes that Putin is a liar. Russia at it's heart is still communist.
To stray from the topic just for a moment. China is Communist too. For years now we've been dealing with The two largest Communist countris like they are long lost relatives. Gree has driven our politics and we have helped our enemies build their economies and consequently their militaries. Now we finally reecognize the threat that they pose and we are to weak to face it. No U.S. Company should doing buisiness with these people. The Chinese Government murdered a great number of people in Tienamen Square while the press looked on. Can any nation that murders it's children be trusted. I think not.
The Russian's have crossed the border into a mainly peaceful democracy and bombed, shelled and crushed that country. It has no regard for freedom and it should be delt with as a rogue state. Kennedy is rolling over in his grave now even as Russian troops roll through Georgia.

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