Sunday, October 31, 2010

Republicans Cut taxes for people with $40,000,000,000,000

President of the United States Theodore Roosev...Image via WikipediaThe Republicans want to cut taxes for people at the top %5 in the U.S. They tell you these people are suffering and may leave. The fact is that between them they are worth 40 trillion dollars. That is more than the whole national debt. They had their income taxes cut by Bush and their net worth sky rocketed. In the mean time the Republican President and Congress began borrowing billions around the world, including China. You may want jobs and change, but what you will get is another tax cut for these people.
     The reason the middle class tax cut was not passed is because Republicans held the middle class tax cut hostage to the trillionaire tax cut. These people are hiring illegal aliens like the former head of EBAY, who is also a billionaire. Rich people are greedy and they hire cheap labor. That is why they have foreigners for gardeners and nannys and maid. Foreigners who don't have documentation.
     Do you think they are going to give you a job? Didn't think so. You have been sucked in and are about to learn a hard lesson. Rich people donate to Republican campaigns and run ads for them, because they own them and they know their taxes will go down and your will go up.
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Republicans The Two Faces

WASHINGTON - APRIL 16:  U.S. Secretary of Educ...Image by Getty Images via @daylife     People who think they are going to prove a point by voting Republican are going get some real shocks. The Republicans are going to push a social agenda that will turn retired people out on the streets. They say that they want budget cuts, but not where they will cut. Their cuts will be in Medicare and Social Security, but they will cut taxes for millionaires even more than Bush.
     All the other cuts that they propose will not add up to ten billion dollars. In the mean time they want to do away with taxes for tens of millions of people as well as corporations. This will result in more borrowing than ever.
     They voted against the defense bill to fund the troops in Afghanistan, but support continuing that war indefinitely. The support stiffer enforcement of the border, but their policies have sent millions of weapons to drug lords in Mexico. Now those same drug lords have spread their crime families to cities all over the United States and they brought those weapons with them.
     They oppose abortion and stem cell research. They want to give the government more power to search people and watch them. They support profiling. If you think the government is in your business now you've seen nothing yet.
     It's really smart to shoot yourselves in the head, because you are mad at someone else. This goes to show the lack of education in the United States. Even the smartest people are dumber than the dumbest senior. All because we used to get a real education in school. Passing was 75 and there were no tutors.
     Right, now the Republicans are running around repeating what you are saying, but once they are in office, George Bush's old policies will come back to haunt you.
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rand Paul Supporter Steps on Woman's Head

Republicans Attack Woman, Step On Head!

Ophthalmologist Rand Paul Ron Paul son Rand jo...Image via WikipediaRepublican Rand Paul stood by while his supporters knocked a woman to the floor and stood on her head, because she was opposed to their views. He called the incident unfortunate.
     Well, you can see how motivated the Republican base is, when they will attack women. Calling it unfortunate is just about as wishy washy as one can get. It would seem that this was a bit more serious than the word unfortunate conveys. Of course the police didn't investigate, even though they had it on camera. As usual it is OK for Republicans to beat people, but there would be ads on nationwide if it was a Republican. They would edit fake blood in and put it up on flicker and utube. Of course they are backed by companies that don't pay taxes. Do any Republicans pay taxes. So far there are two here in N.Y. running who don't. Wonder how many others there are. People who think they are better than working people. Wall Street and the insurance companies are backing them.
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Friday, October 22, 2010

Nazi Party Supports Republicans (not True)

Taj Mahal, Agra, India.Image via WikipediaI thought I would use this headline to demonstrate what ads are allowed to say. Of course it's not true, but if you saw this trash, you would only remember the headline. Americans are lost. They don't know the truth about the people running for any office and ads can say anything. It doesn't have to be true.
     Here is one fact. Jobs are headed to India and China. You better find out fast where your candidate stands on that issue, because companies don't keep the majority of their money in U.S. banks. They aren't American. They are international. Just go on the web and look. Every big company has an international sight. Why is this important.
     It is important, because those companies do not depend on the U.S. for anything. The U.S. is just another place to do business. If China were Democratic they would move there in a heartbeat and they will if the climate there changes. Communism doesn't bother them. All they want is a stable country that will let them do whatever they want. If they get that they are gone and the government has given them the right to call themselves American even if they did.
      Candidates can lie and twist facts in their ads legally. There is no honesty in politics law. If you don't find out the facts for yourself, you are not going to know the truth. In this year, they are going to draw the new lines for the voting districts in each state. If you pick the candidates that want free trade, jobs will continue to go over seas for the next ten years, because that is when the next census will be. After each census the lines are redrawn. Find out the facts and vote to save your job. Fast food places do not pay a living wage.
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

They Don't Pay Taxes

"Republican Party Elephant" logoImage via WikipediaWith all the Republican commercials, you would think big business is paying huge taxes. They know the real truth though. Many big businesses (such as Google) pay no taxes. None! Zero, Zilch!
     How can they do that? they send their money from country to country until they find a county with no income tax, so they pay nothing. This practice is completely legal.
     Those commercials that yell about high taxes and a huge deficit, they run as Republicans take huge contributions from big business. Nothing wrong with that, right? Well they borrowed a half a trillion dollars from China instead of making corporations pay taxes. The told us they had to borrow money because of the war. Well that is a flat out lie. It is because big business doesn't pay taxes.
     Why do we have a deficit, because George Bush's Republican Congress let these companies go with out paying taxes. Google it! They just ran the national debt up so that we would have to pay the bill. Imagine you are voting for people who are going to continue to block these huge corporations from paying a trillion dollars in income tax. Have fun paying that bill.
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Bush Re elected

Karl Rove Assistant to the President, Deputy C...Image via WikipediaWell, the elections are over and George Bush and Karl Rove are secretly running Congress. You voted them in. You thought the tea party was something new, but now you know that Sarah Palin is a front for Karl Rove and George Bush. You know the tea party is just Karl Roves lackeys and that the Republicans created the tea party to suck you into voting again.
     So, in a few months Enron will go back into business and Bernie Madoff will get out of prison. Pardoned by Sarah Palin. The banks that you are so mad at are back to selling worthless mortgages. Everything is back to the way it was and there are still no jobs, because, as Suzy Orman just announced, the old economy is not coming back.
     In a couple months the Chinese will be back to work making products for their people, because they are the only ones that can afford to buy. You will be asking your self why there are no jobs. Suddenly you will realize that U.S. companies are making products in China for the new super power the Chinese. After a few more months the Republicans will be telling us how good things are, because the stock market has come back. You will wonder when you will see the recovery they promised. In a year they will tell you that you need to elect Sarah Palin to have that happen. In the mean time people on unemployment will have been cut off. They will be living in shelters and realizing that their votes elected people who didn't care about the unemployed.
     The Republicans will balance the budget by going back to China to borrow more money, because the half trillion they borrowed from the Chinese before was not enough to fund the war in Afghanistan, which will continue another ten years.
     Give yourselves a pat on the back for eliminating wasteful spending like money for education. Start learning Chinese, because they are going to own your mortgage. You thought you were voting against socialism, but you were voting to bring Communism here. Great Job!
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Republican's Want Bush Back

Karl Rove Assistant to the President, Deputy C...Image via Wikipedia If you listen to everything the Republicans say, you will probably come to the same conclusion as I did. The Republicans want George W. Bush back. He and Karl Rove are anxious to be big players in the next Republican Administration. Never mind that they sent more jobs out of the country than were created in the eight years he was in office. Oh and forget about the fact that he created a $900,000,000,000 (billion) dollar defecit that was closed by borrowing from Red China.
     The same country that condemned the fact that The Nobel Peace Prize winner was a chinese man that wanted ( oh my God) democracy in China. By the way that guy is in jail in China.
     For those of you that would like to know the extent that Bush desimated the economy, here is the wikkipedia link for his economic policy. You can read for yourself the damage he did.
     Thank You to the Republican Party for supporting every bad decision he made and Kudos to the Republican House and Senate that passed every bill he sent to them. The Republicans may also be trying to block web postings.
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

National Kill A Terrorist Month

Perhaps people have forgotten about the perverse be headings that Fundamentalist Muslim Terrorists carried out or maybe the memory of 9/11 has faded, but whatever it is, Americans have put money before people. You don't reduce the deficit by allowing these people to run free.
     There should be a national kill a terrorist day or maybe a terrorist hunting season. They should sell licenses to kill terrorist just like they sell hunting licenses. We need to reduce the terrorist population.
     The only good terrorist is a dead terrorist. Get what he knows and chop off his most prized possession and shoot him. I hear that burying them face down is bad so lets do that too. We don't need to torture them. We only need to make sure that we erase them and theirs off the face of the earth.
     Israel has had very few problems with terrorist since they took the proactive approach. They simply shoot them. Why don't we? If a guy says he's a jihadist or for jihad. Kill him.. If he's not a terrorist he is breeding them or recruiting them.
     These people have no faces until they set off the bomb with a call to the cell attached to it, or them, or someone else. These people are nothing less than murdering scum and it should be legal to kill them and throw them in the back of the pick up and have them made into trophies. We have the right to shoot pirates on the open sea. They are no different. The same goes for anyone that hides them or sends money to them. Anyone that supports them is a terrorist. Americans that help or join them should be charged with high treason and killed after they are questioned. Keeping them alive encourages their buddies to kidnap people to get them back.
     The news should announce how many of them our soldiers killed every night. They announce our casualties. Let's get a body count, so we know how many are left. Maybe a board that counts down from the number of estimated terrorist down to zero. They should put that up on the jumbo tron in Time Square. Every town should have one. There is no better way to send the message that we are killing them than to have a board in every town. Let soldiers notch their m-16's as a motivator. Football teams put decals on players helmets for good plays. Lets put decals every where.
     We are not bad enough. We need to strike terror into their souls. Make them watch where they step and make them scan the sky's and over their shoulders. Let's send some B 52s over there to cut down on their mobility. I guarantee that raining 500 lb bombs around them will give them something to think about day and night. It's time to take off the kid gloves and kill them in the most efficient way and with the least amount of danger to our troops. We should send people into their cities to kill them like the Israelis did. Find their backers kill them and repeat the process.
     All this girlie stuff about not offending people who are training to kill us here and abroad should end. Tell the people who aren't with them to stay away from them and let's get this done. We need to kill as many as we can, because they are training to come here. There is no maybe they will leave us alone... They won't. The logical thing is to eradicate them.
     Let rich people fly over on hunting expeditions. Send some serial killers over there. Just make sure they get the right people. The prisons are full. Let's give them back their assault weapons and turn them loose on the terrorists. Kill 100 get a year off your sentence. Heck two years. Let's make them wonder if their families are safe while they strap those bombs on. That is how you influence people who are being told that their families will live great lives if they explode themselves. You make them wonder if their families will be the game in a hunting party.
     They think mercy is for the weak, so let's not show them any.
     Let's let people rent F-18 Hornets and predators to fund the war. Millionaires will pay to go to the moon, so why not pay to fly a mission. I hear flying those drones is just like a video game. We need to build about ten thousand of them and let the gamers fly them. The ultimate video game.
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pakistan Steps up Aid to Enemy

Flag of the National Front for the Liberation ...Image via WikipediaIn a move that seems to be directed toward aiding AL Queda and the Taliban, Pakistan has closed one of the main supply routes into Afghanistan. Pakistan has been far from an ally to the U.S. It is the center of fundamentalism in the region and it allows terrorist to openly train with inside it's borders. Their secret intelligence service is and has been linked to terrorist for over a decade. Pakistan is clearly a hostile nation.
      At this point it would be best to cut all ties to Pakistan and cut the military funding we have given them out of the budget. When a nation allows attacks from with in their borders on Americans they become a terrorist nation. It is time we closed our borders to Pakistanis and give them what they so desperately desire, our back. They have no use for the U.S. and aiding them is the equivalent of sending aide to North Vietnam and The VietCong during The Vietnam War. Let them have a militant take over of their country. At least we will have visible targets for our missiles.
     Reagan said it best. You don't make friends with your enemies you kill them. Pakistan is an Evil Empire to steal Reagan's words about The Soviet Union. It is insanity to send humanitarian aide to the same people that are training the terrorist that are trying to kill us in our homes.
     They have shown their true colors now. They want to keep supplies from reaching our troops, so that the militants can kill Americans and turn Afghanistan back into the launching pad for 9/11 style attacks on the U.S. It is a pity that the U.S. has a hire standard than these animals that crawl through caves to kill our soldiers and send people to bomb Time Square, because if we didn't we could simply use chemical weapons on them and have it done and over with.
     That is what you do with pests you call in the exterminators tent the house and gas them. That is no less than what they would do to us if they gained access to nuclear devices. We can no longer take the risk that these maniacs will get a device from Iran or God forbid Pakistan and plant it in NYC. Obama has held true to his statement that he would chase the terrorist into Pakistan and kill them if Pakistan did not have the will or the ability to deal with them. If Pakistan wanted the terrorist out I guarantee you they would not be operating openly in Pakistan. More over, they would not be the headquarters of the terrorists organizations and the staginging grounds for attacks.
     The facts are crystal clear here. Pakistan doesn't have the will or the desire to see the terrorist leave.
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2012 Hoax or Destiny

Tulum - Mayan PyramidImage by joiseyshowaa via FlickrMost people are not ready to meet God. If 2012 isn't the end, it will come. There will be floods and earthquakes and tidal waves. Maybe people will survive. It is pretty hard to wipe out the human race.
     The question is; if it's the end for you, would you say your life was satisfying. Would you say that you made a difference in the world? Would you say that you are able to look God in the eye and tell him that you deserve to get in heaven. For those who believe in reincarnation; Do you believe you will have a good reincarnation in your next life.
     I can't answer those questions for you. Death comes in it's own time. It can come as sudden as a heart attack or a crash. You better not put things off for later. Later may never come. People who have lost children know that. There may not be time to make up with that person you love tomorrow. All those good intentions you had for the new year may see the clock run out on them. The new year might not come for you. If 9/11 didn't teach you anything, it should have taught you that tomorrow isn't something to take for granted. If you don't pay it forward it might not get paid at all.
     Even if 2012 isn't the end, maybe you should start living like it is the end.
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