Monday, October 18, 2010

Bush Re elected

Karl Rove Assistant to the President, Deputy C...Image via WikipediaWell, the elections are over and George Bush and Karl Rove are secretly running Congress. You voted them in. You thought the tea party was something new, but now you know that Sarah Palin is a front for Karl Rove and George Bush. You know the tea party is just Karl Roves lackeys and that the Republicans created the tea party to suck you into voting again.
     So, in a few months Enron will go back into business and Bernie Madoff will get out of prison. Pardoned by Sarah Palin. The banks that you are so mad at are back to selling worthless mortgages. Everything is back to the way it was and there are still no jobs, because, as Suzy Orman just announced, the old economy is not coming back.
     In a couple months the Chinese will be back to work making products for their people, because they are the only ones that can afford to buy. You will be asking your self why there are no jobs. Suddenly you will realize that U.S. companies are making products in China for the new super power the Chinese. After a few more months the Republicans will be telling us how good things are, because the stock market has come back. You will wonder when you will see the recovery they promised. In a year they will tell you that you need to elect Sarah Palin to have that happen. In the mean time people on unemployment will have been cut off. They will be living in shelters and realizing that their votes elected people who didn't care about the unemployed.
     The Republicans will balance the budget by going back to China to borrow more money, because the half trillion they borrowed from the Chinese before was not enough to fund the war in Afghanistan, which will continue another ten years.
     Give yourselves a pat on the back for eliminating wasteful spending like money for education. Start learning Chinese, because they are going to own your mortgage. You thought you were voting against socialism, but you were voting to bring Communism here. Great Job!
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