Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pakistan Steps up Aid to Enemy

Flag of the National Front for the Liberation ...Image via WikipediaIn a move that seems to be directed toward aiding AL Queda and the Taliban, Pakistan has closed one of the main supply routes into Afghanistan. Pakistan has been far from an ally to the U.S. It is the center of fundamentalism in the region and it allows terrorist to openly train with inside it's borders. Their secret intelligence service is and has been linked to terrorist for over a decade. Pakistan is clearly a hostile nation.
      At this point it would be best to cut all ties to Pakistan and cut the military funding we have given them out of the budget. When a nation allows attacks from with in their borders on Americans they become a terrorist nation. It is time we closed our borders to Pakistanis and give them what they so desperately desire, our back. They have no use for the U.S. and aiding them is the equivalent of sending aide to North Vietnam and The VietCong during The Vietnam War. Let them have a militant take over of their country. At least we will have visible targets for our missiles.
     Reagan said it best. You don't make friends with your enemies you kill them. Pakistan is an Evil Empire to steal Reagan's words about The Soviet Union. It is insanity to send humanitarian aide to the same people that are training the terrorist that are trying to kill us in our homes.
     They have shown their true colors now. They want to keep supplies from reaching our troops, so that the militants can kill Americans and turn Afghanistan back into the launching pad for 9/11 style attacks on the U.S. It is a pity that the U.S. has a hire standard than these animals that crawl through caves to kill our soldiers and send people to bomb Time Square, because if we didn't we could simply use chemical weapons on them and have it done and over with.
     That is what you do with pests you call in the exterminators tent the house and gas them. That is no less than what they would do to us if they gained access to nuclear devices. We can no longer take the risk that these maniacs will get a device from Iran or God forbid Pakistan and plant it in NYC. Obama has held true to his statement that he would chase the terrorist into Pakistan and kill them if Pakistan did not have the will or the ability to deal with them. If Pakistan wanted the terrorist out I guarantee you they would not be operating openly in Pakistan. More over, they would not be the headquarters of the terrorists organizations and the staginging grounds for attacks.
     The facts are crystal clear here. Pakistan doesn't have the will or the desire to see the terrorist leave.
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