Wednesday, October 13, 2010

National Kill A Terrorist Month

Perhaps people have forgotten about the perverse be headings that Fundamentalist Muslim Terrorists carried out or maybe the memory of 9/11 has faded, but whatever it is, Americans have put money before people. You don't reduce the deficit by allowing these people to run free.
     There should be a national kill a terrorist day or maybe a terrorist hunting season. They should sell licenses to kill terrorist just like they sell hunting licenses. We need to reduce the terrorist population.
     The only good terrorist is a dead terrorist. Get what he knows and chop off his most prized possession and shoot him. I hear that burying them face down is bad so lets do that too. We don't need to torture them. We only need to make sure that we erase them and theirs off the face of the earth.
     Israel has had very few problems with terrorist since they took the proactive approach. They simply shoot them. Why don't we? If a guy says he's a jihadist or for jihad. Kill him.. If he's not a terrorist he is breeding them or recruiting them.
     These people have no faces until they set off the bomb with a call to the cell attached to it, or them, or someone else. These people are nothing less than murdering scum and it should be legal to kill them and throw them in the back of the pick up and have them made into trophies. We have the right to shoot pirates on the open sea. They are no different. The same goes for anyone that hides them or sends money to them. Anyone that supports them is a terrorist. Americans that help or join them should be charged with high treason and killed after they are questioned. Keeping them alive encourages their buddies to kidnap people to get them back.
     The news should announce how many of them our soldiers killed every night. They announce our casualties. Let's get a body count, so we know how many are left. Maybe a board that counts down from the number of estimated terrorist down to zero. They should put that up on the jumbo tron in Time Square. Every town should have one. There is no better way to send the message that we are killing them than to have a board in every town. Let soldiers notch their m-16's as a motivator. Football teams put decals on players helmets for good plays. Lets put decals every where.
     We are not bad enough. We need to strike terror into their souls. Make them watch where they step and make them scan the sky's and over their shoulders. Let's send some B 52s over there to cut down on their mobility. I guarantee that raining 500 lb bombs around them will give them something to think about day and night. It's time to take off the kid gloves and kill them in the most efficient way and with the least amount of danger to our troops. We should send people into their cities to kill them like the Israelis did. Find their backers kill them and repeat the process.
     All this girlie stuff about not offending people who are training to kill us here and abroad should end. Tell the people who aren't with them to stay away from them and let's get this done. We need to kill as many as we can, because they are training to come here. There is no maybe they will leave us alone... They won't. The logical thing is to eradicate them.
     Let rich people fly over on hunting expeditions. Send some serial killers over there. Just make sure they get the right people. The prisons are full. Let's give them back their assault weapons and turn them loose on the terrorists. Kill 100 get a year off your sentence. Heck two years. Let's make them wonder if their families are safe while they strap those bombs on. That is how you influence people who are being told that their families will live great lives if they explode themselves. You make them wonder if their families will be the game in a hunting party.
     They think mercy is for the weak, so let's not show them any.
     Let's let people rent F-18 Hornets and predators to fund the war. Millionaires will pay to go to the moon, so why not pay to fly a mission. I hear flying those drones is just like a video game. We need to build about ten thousand of them and let the gamers fly them. The ultimate video game.
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