Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Republicans Attack Woman, Step On Head!

Ophthalmologist Rand Paul Ron Paul son Rand jo...Image via WikipediaRepublican Rand Paul stood by while his supporters knocked a woman to the floor and stood on her head, because she was opposed to their views. He called the incident unfortunate.
     Well, you can see how motivated the Republican base is, when they will attack women. Calling it unfortunate is just about as wishy washy as one can get. It would seem that this was a bit more serious than the word unfortunate conveys. Of course the police didn't investigate, even though they had it on camera. As usual it is OK for Republicans to beat people, but there would be ads on nationwide if it was a Republican. They would edit fake blood in and put it up on flicker and utube. Of course they are backed by companies that don't pay taxes. Do any Republicans pay taxes. So far there are two here in N.Y. running who don't. Wonder how many others there are. People who think they are better than working people. Wall Street and the insurance companies are backing them.
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