Thursday, October 28, 2010

Republicans The Two Faces

WASHINGTON - APRIL 16:  U.S. Secretary of Educ...Image by Getty Images via @daylife     People who think they are going to prove a point by voting Republican are going get some real shocks. The Republicans are going to push a social agenda that will turn retired people out on the streets. They say that they want budget cuts, but not where they will cut. Their cuts will be in Medicare and Social Security, but they will cut taxes for millionaires even more than Bush.
     All the other cuts that they propose will not add up to ten billion dollars. In the mean time they want to do away with taxes for tens of millions of people as well as corporations. This will result in more borrowing than ever.
     They voted against the defense bill to fund the troops in Afghanistan, but support continuing that war indefinitely. The support stiffer enforcement of the border, but their policies have sent millions of weapons to drug lords in Mexico. Now those same drug lords have spread their crime families to cities all over the United States and they brought those weapons with them.
     They oppose abortion and stem cell research. They want to give the government more power to search people and watch them. They support profiling. If you think the government is in your business now you've seen nothing yet.
     It's really smart to shoot yourselves in the head, because you are mad at someone else. This goes to show the lack of education in the United States. Even the smartest people are dumber than the dumbest senior. All because we used to get a real education in school. Passing was 75 and there were no tutors.
     Right, now the Republicans are running around repeating what you are saying, but once they are in office, George Bush's old policies will come back to haunt you.
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