Friday, October 22, 2010

Nazi Party Supports Republicans (not True)

Taj Mahal, Agra, India.Image via WikipediaI thought I would use this headline to demonstrate what ads are allowed to say. Of course it's not true, but if you saw this trash, you would only remember the headline. Americans are lost. They don't know the truth about the people running for any office and ads can say anything. It doesn't have to be true.
     Here is one fact. Jobs are headed to India and China. You better find out fast where your candidate stands on that issue, because companies don't keep the majority of their money in U.S. banks. They aren't American. They are international. Just go on the web and look. Every big company has an international sight. Why is this important.
     It is important, because those companies do not depend on the U.S. for anything. The U.S. is just another place to do business. If China were Democratic they would move there in a heartbeat and they will if the climate there changes. Communism doesn't bother them. All they want is a stable country that will let them do whatever they want. If they get that they are gone and the government has given them the right to call themselves American even if they did.
      Candidates can lie and twist facts in their ads legally. There is no honesty in politics law. If you don't find out the facts for yourself, you are not going to know the truth. In this year, they are going to draw the new lines for the voting districts in each state. If you pick the candidates that want free trade, jobs will continue to go over seas for the next ten years, because that is when the next census will be. After each census the lines are redrawn. Find out the facts and vote to save your job. Fast food places do not pay a living wage.
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