Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2012 Hoax or Destiny

Tulum - Mayan PyramidImage by joiseyshowaa via FlickrMost people are not ready to meet God. If 2012 isn't the end, it will come. There will be floods and earthquakes and tidal waves. Maybe people will survive. It is pretty hard to wipe out the human race.
     The question is; if it's the end for you, would you say your life was satisfying. Would you say that you made a difference in the world? Would you say that you are able to look God in the eye and tell him that you deserve to get in heaven. For those who believe in reincarnation; Do you believe you will have a good reincarnation in your next life.
     I can't answer those questions for you. Death comes in it's own time. It can come as sudden as a heart attack or a crash. You better not put things off for later. Later may never come. People who have lost children know that. There may not be time to make up with that person you love tomorrow. All those good intentions you had for the new year may see the clock run out on them. The new year might not come for you. If 9/11 didn't teach you anything, it should have taught you that tomorrow isn't something to take for granted. If you don't pay it forward it might not get paid at all.
     Even if 2012 isn't the end, maybe you should start living like it is the end.
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