Thursday, October 21, 2010

They Don't Pay Taxes

"Republican Party Elephant" logoImage via WikipediaWith all the Republican commercials, you would think big business is paying huge taxes. They know the real truth though. Many big businesses (such as Google) pay no taxes. None! Zero, Zilch!
     How can they do that? they send their money from country to country until they find a county with no income tax, so they pay nothing. This practice is completely legal.
     Those commercials that yell about high taxes and a huge deficit, they run as Republicans take huge contributions from big business. Nothing wrong with that, right? Well they borrowed a half a trillion dollars from China instead of making corporations pay taxes. The told us they had to borrow money because of the war. Well that is a flat out lie. It is because big business doesn't pay taxes.
     Why do we have a deficit, because George Bush's Republican Congress let these companies go with out paying taxes. Google it! They just ran the national debt up so that we would have to pay the bill. Imagine you are voting for people who are going to continue to block these huge corporations from paying a trillion dollars in income tax. Have fun paying that bill.
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