Friday, June 4, 2010

Poison From China:

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Made in China is everywhere in the U.S. and it is threatening to kill our children. The Chinese are intent on selling and producing products with hazardous materials in them, like Cadmium. It is naive to believe that any agency in the governemnt is protecting us or our children. China ships millions of tons of products to this country every day. There simply aren't enough people to check it all. The most alarming part is that the initial shipments of items may not be contaminated, but once those have been checked The Chinese deliberately start to ship toxin laiden products.
The U.S. government has been blackmailed by China to allow their goods to flow freely into the country, because our debt to China is huge and it keeps growing. China has no product safety standards. They have billions of people and they do not value human life at all. Every time you buy a product made in china that is for human consuption or that holds food or drink, you are playing Russian roulette.
There is a high probability that the products you are buying from China have not been checked in any way. If you think that buying name brand items is going to protect you think again. These companies moved production to China and they have almost non-existant quality control personnel to assure that their products are safe. The bottom line is the bottom line. The cheaper they can produce products the more elated they are, because their profits sky rocket. CEO's get paid to make sure that profits rise. These companies have no desire to know if the products they are selling are safe. There has never been a criminal case against these companies for product liability, which has resulted in prison terms to executives of the companies. They are simply above the law. Foreign CEO's are even safer than those based here. And by the way, If you think that the threat of lawsuits disturbs them you are dillusional. From start to finish most product liability lawsuits don't reach court until after the majority of people in the companies have died.
The law protects executives in a corporation from personal liability financially, so they don't lose any sleep over the death a a person or even thousands. More over, under the law people have a set value. As a matter of fact body parts have an accepted value. Insurance companies have been responsible for that. If you think your child is worth millions you are misinformed. Children actually have the lowest monetary value in court. They are seen as having no value to society or to the family unit. They don't earn money and there is no way to prove what their net worth would be if they had lived. Their deaths result in the lowest court awards.
The reality is that if you don't wake up and check the products that come into your house, you are likely to suffer an accident or exposure to hazardess materials. In the realm of product liability there isn't a problem until people can prove that a product harmed them. Usually this takes a number of deaths. How many depends on the size of the corporation. This being the case the Chinese are free to cause the deaths of as many Americans as they please, until it can be proved that their products are hazardous. By the way, good luck suing China for the death of your family member. Their government doesn't even recognize such cases.

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