Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Is this the beginning of the end of times? "The oceans ran red..." A war in the middle east. It may not be a sign of the end of times, but it could, and probably will be a time of unprecedented disaster for mankind.

The world will not end for a long time, but it may continue without the presence of human life. The human race is committing slow suicide. The food that we rely on has been turned into processed meals that are not healthy for us. More and more food is being contaminated and recalled. Life expectancy will fall because of diseases that were once thought to be extinct.

Man has done it's self no favors over the past 100 years. We have changed the climate and released poison's into our water. We have poisoned the land with fertilizers that are only now beginning to show their effects. We accept Mercury levels in fish and water.

Few people pay attention to government standards and guidelines, but they should. In the case of food, water, and the majority of thing that people come into contact with, the government has basically set the amounts of poisonous substances a element can contain. These standards exist in all of the developed countries, but vary by Government.

I find it very amusing that people who are attached to a cell phone which exposes them to low levels of radiation worry whether cigarette smoke is within twenty yards of them. It is simply amazing that they can be so ignorant as to place a miniature microwave oven against their ear and worry about second hand smoke outside. I also find it sad that people who are ten seconds away from a stroke because of their weight and stress levels worry about who is wearing a seat belt (I Wear Mine Religiously). The fact is that, though seat belts and air bags reduce injuries, a seat belt and air bag is not going to save you if you get into an accident on a snow covered road in an SUV going seventy. It's not going to prevent you from keeling over dead from blocked arteries either.

Millions of people have Google. I suggest you google the top ten causes of death. You will get an eye opener.

The end of the world? A meteorite doesn't have to hit to end life for humans, we are doing a great job of ending it ourselves.

Final Quiz: If people begin to die at age 21 due to lack of medical care; How long will it take for humans to go extinct?

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