Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Land of The Heartless

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America has never cared.
Americans have a distorted view of themselves. They think that they are good and caring people. It isn't their fault. The press has brainwashed them in to their beliefs.
If you would donate a dollar to a dog before a person, you are a sad excuse for a human being. It is disgusting that an animal actually has more rights than a person. It is immoral that the law favors an animals living conditions than a humans. I love animals and I don't support cruelty or mistreatment. I had cats my whole life and they were like family. My aunt had a dog she took everywhere and we all loved him. The fact is though that when a person can kill another person and get a lower sentence than someone who kills an animal, there is something very wrong in America. When people watch the news and see reports of murders and are not moved, but are moved by the death of an animal we have hit an all time low. If the words he got what he deserved or he made a bad choice pass your lips to explain the death of a person, there is something very wrong. Do pets make bad choices. I don't think I've heard anyone say that.
We have mistreated each other since this country was founded. African Americans were slaves, but many immigrants came here as indentured servants also. Every new group of immigrants have been the subject of some kind of prejudice. Americans feel that people who come here from abroad should have been born speaking English. If we were treated the same way we treated people from other countries there would be an International incident. These are facts, but America has hit a new low in it's hard heartiness.
I have heard the statement; It doesn't effect me so many times that i am ashamed. This statement is used to dismiss the mistreatment of millions of Americans ever day. I heard it about the uninsured. I hear it about people who are wrongly convicted. I hear it about the disabled. These words simply dismiss the fact that a fellow human being is suffering. I find it revolting to hear that another person has no value.
This attitude has led to an America where kids can't read when they graduate from high school, where people can step over a dead person on the sidewalk (New York City), where drugs can be sold on the corners, where children's parents die because they have no health care, and where tragedies are simply less interesting than what is going on in Hollywood.
If you don't think this is sick you are bordering on being a sociopath. It wouldn't surprise me though, because sociopaths are becoming the norm.
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