Monday, June 14, 2010

The Terrorist's Ticket (U.S. Passports)

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Remember the big drama we had over The U.S. requiring passports for Mexico and Canada? I bet you thought that it was a good idea. After all it was for the security of this nation and the people in it. Well, today we learned that the security was all a fantasy.
The most important document a U.S. citizen can obtain is made in Thailand. The microchip that makes the passport impossible to counterfeit is made in a factory in Thailand. This is the lowest low the U.S. could ever hit. Out sourcing blue jeans is one thing, but the key to unrestricted access to our country? Every American is in danger if a terrorist gets access to this information, but we have sent the technology and the secret in to Thailand where God knows who can gain access to it.
There are thousands of cyber attacks every hour on the countries and people around the world. They have stolen money from banks, gained access to government computers and stolen information. People's Social Security numbers have been obtained by hackers. We use computer chips that are made in China. China has been spying on us for decades, trying to get secrets. Now we have given them free access.
A Passport would allow a person to walk into this and roam freely to even the most important place in the country. They could access the visitor center at the capital. One maniac with a bomb could take out people right in Washington D.C.. They could gun down politicians on the capital steps.
A passport should be made in a secure facility in The U.S. Do we out source our government? At this point I believe that Americans are no longer safe. There is no way to know who has the technology to produce a U.S. passport. Spy's from other countries could be (and probably are) walking any where in the U.S.. We have given the keys to the hen house to the fox and we are going to get bit. Why have passports if foreigners are making them. Who is being protected? Not us. This is obviously George Bush's paranoia working in conjunction with the Republican party to keep track of us. They have been trying to force us to get National ID cards for decades. Well now they know who most of us are, but they have no clue who else is here.
This wasn't a way for the government to save money either. If it was; why are we spending a trillion dollars on things that are of no use to us. They might as well have out sourced the keys and the codes to the Nukes when they did this.
It is only a matter of time before terrorist are walking right through customs without a glance. No wonder they tell us it is a matter of when and not if the U.S. will become the victim of terrorism.
We should have known that something was rotten when they told us we had to worry about Canada. I wonder if driver's licenses are out sourced too.
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