Monday, May 31, 2010

Israel: The fall to Piracy

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Today Israel sunk to it's lowest point in a decade, when it's military resorted to piracy. I am ashamed today to have Jewish blood running through my veins. This act was something people would have expected from the nazis, not Israel. What is next, making Palestians wear P's.
The United States has suffered decades of terrorist attacks, because of it's support of Israel. This is sure to inspire another. On 9/11 Islamic Extremists attacked the twin towers and killed 3000 people. This was the beginning of a decade of Americans dying, because we continue to support Israel.
No one knows as well as I do that there is a stubborn streak that runs in the blood of Jewish people. My grandfather demonstrated it his whole life through. In all the time we knew him he would simply show up unannouced from Detroit and expect us to be available to him. No matter how many times my mother asked him to tell her when he was going to visit, he would continue to show up out of the blue. It was like a fire drill when his car pulled up. All seven of us running around cleaning and dusting.
This is a rather trivial example of the stubborn streak he had and passed down to the rest of us, but it really demonstrates the stubborn streak that Most Jewish people have.
They decided that no food was going to get into gaza and damn the consequences to it's alies. Israel acts unilaterally quite often and they do not care what kind of effect it has on it's allies. They are hard headed to say the least. They have no sense of diplomacy as evident by the annoucement that they were going to build more settlements while the Vice President stood there clueless. That was a calculated move to embarrass he United States, which has done nothing, but support them.
It is time for the Security Council to impose harsh sactions on Israel. Until, they discontinue their rogue behaviors. The U.S. shouldn't block thany sanctions that the UN feel they need to impose. The past doesn't excuse the present. Israel is long past the threat of the NAZIS. It is sad that the holocaust happened, but many other pople were killed in the holocaust besides the Jews. There should never be another holocaust, but it is time for America allowing Israel to throw the holocaust in it's face. We need to begin to act in our own interest in the Middle East and if that doesn't coincide with Israel's interests. That is just too bad. No two countries agree on everything. The United States can not afford to have Israel using force against innocent people, who simply want to deliver humanitarian aide to people who have very few avenues for obtaing them.
We fought a bloody civil war in this country, but once it was setttled the north helpe to rebuild the south. We did it because it was the humanitaria and political thing to do. In the case of Israel though, we continuously see bull bozing of what were once Palistinian homes in order to make room for more Jewish settlements.
This is an embarrasing and disturbing pattern. It is also very destabalizing in the region. Israel must get passed it's childish and destructive behavior's and be more of a ally, so that the U.S.

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