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Buying Smart

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Ok folks. This is the download on buying things. Look at the labels and find the one made in America. Now that you have searched every store in the country, you know it's almost impossible. If it is made in America ask where the parts came from. That should make it nearly impossible.
Here is what I have found. One shirt made in China is not worth any more than another shirt made in China no matter who's name is on it. They pump them out and ship them here for about a dollar a piece. Why would you pay $30 to 70 of your hard earned dollar for a shirt that is worth 1.50. I have bought brand name polos for as low as 1.90 on the unnamed auction site. They still have the tags on them and have never been out of the bags they came in. Yes most were sealed.
People think I am spending 100's of dollars on clothes. Nice clothes. They call me sir and run all around themselves to help me. If you get that kind of service and spent 100's of dollars you are a sucker. P.T. Barnum said there is a sucker born evrey minute. Are you one?
People, for a hundred thousand dollars here, you can get a nice house. Why have you spent that in 10 years on cars. If you can arrord to buy a car 3 cars in ten years, why aren't you buying your house that way. If it's as a tax right off you are as dumb as a door nail. Writing off the interest means you handed money to someone (usually a bank) a lot of money you didn't need to pay. Generously the government gave you part of that back. You would get just as much back on a 10 or 15 year mortgage each year (percent-wise). Maybe you didn't know that banks offer 15 year mortgages. Now you know. This is not a trick ask your accountant. If you do your own taxes do your homework. The only time you are getting more money by claiming something is if it is a direct write off or a credit. Guess what you spent money there too. Surprise. Bet Susie didn't tell you that for free.
Anything you can buy, I can get for less. It takes patience and and a desire to shop around. Everyone knows your texting half the day, so use that smart phone to save enough to pay the bill. Not texting, ok ditch the social networking site and get busy looking. Yes, your boss knows your chatting, because all the information gets sent to I.T. They probably know about your girlfriend too and maybe more than they care to know. Getting any funny looks?
This is a depression. Just because your finacial advisor is yelling buy, buy, buy, doesn't mean it's all good. The only way they make money is for you to buy or sell duh. And buy the way; how did you think that money got into those mutual funds and hedge funds. Oh My God Yes you gave it to them to invest. One more thing, if you ask for it back they don't have a job. Think hard now.
Ok, back to buying.
Nothing is as much as you are paying for it. Nothing. The jobs are not coming back. Paying too much is going to use money that you are going to need when it when you have to pay for the unemployed. Yes, money the government gives unemployed people comes from you. If you buy things the government gets money too. The people you bought from pay income tax.
Nobody's name is worth money. Quality is worth money. Every time a new name comes out, people throw money at it, especially if it is for, or about a sport. Big name companies always start with great quality. After a while many of them are not as attentive about it or you find the price suddenly going through the roof. Selling is all about getting people hooked , making it a habit, and getting payed. They don't pay ad agencies and athletes millions of dollars out of friendship. I have had friends I wouldn't want to have my money, don't you?
You have to start shopping smarter. The only people who are not doing that are the people who are about to find out things are bad. No company has a monopoly on quality. If you think they do, start remembering all the recalls. Better yet type in recalls and start reading the names of the companies. The obvious retort to that is I don't use that or I don't care. Neither do the companies. They hire accountants to determine how much they will make if they make something that might fail or injure you. Oh by the way, that estimate takes in to account the amount they "might" pay if it does. That is called making a profit.
Finally, think about your job. Do you take short cuts. Guess what; those people making what you bought probably did too.
Buy smart people. Made in China means low quality trash. Don't pay big bucks for products that cost less than 50 to make. That goes for the Chinese parts in your $50,000 dollar car. A car that cost fifty thousand dollars should last as long as The Empire State Building and believe me they can and did make some like that.

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