Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Big Spill And The Big Cover Up

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The oil spill in The Gulf is filling the ocean with crude and the states there seem be looking at The Federal Government for answers. For decades oil companies have been drilling there and those state have collected Billions in royalties year after year for the oil that was pumped. We have paid for decades for the high price of oil. Our money went to the oil companies and straight into the pockets of those states, but it would seem that not one penny of that money went into protecting their citizens from this type of catastrophe.
It is sickening to me that a small group of people in those state made millions of dollars a year off oil, and yet some of those states have the greatest number of dirt poor people in the country. It sickens me more that those people can afford to move away from the sludge and leave those people with a polluted mess. A mess that will never be cleaned up.
Now the oil is predicted to move up the east coast. If that happens it will destroy the beaches of states that never saw a penny of the royalties for drilling. The same states that are crying now are going to send us there environmental disaster. We all know this story, greed leads to circumstances that leave average people holding the bag. Average people who can't afford to move to the west coast or fly to the French Riviera to swim in clean water.
No one wants to point fingers in the government, at the people and the states that ignored potential disaster in order to line their pockets with cold cash. Those people don't have to take responsibility for their apathy toward the dangers of drilling in the ocean. The only people who tried to preserve the ocean were the environmentalists and they were labeled tree huggers by the people and states where they filed suit to prevent such disasters.
If the oil companies have had a free ride it is because of politicians from those same states, that used all their influence to make it possible for offshore drilling to begin. They pressured the government to allow drilling in the name of energy independence. The independence never happened. More than thirty years after the oil embargo we are still begging the middle east for oil. The states that are not lucky enough to have oil flowing under them, have gotten the short end of the stick for fifty years while the oil people and the oil states raped us.
Now we are about to be raped again, but this time, with millions of barrels of oil. Oil that supposedly didn't exist in such large quantities. Lost in all the suffering that is happening to average people, is the fact that one well can spew out enough oil to fill the gulf. It's a lie that they continue to try to invoke even as the oil from that well covers the coastline of the gulf. While you are watching this tragedy you should keep in mind that there is a hell of a lot of oil coming out of that well. You should also keep in mind that there are a hell of a lot of wells out there. Finally you should realize that we have been bending over and taking it for decades because there was an oil shortage. I think that by the time this is over we will all be able to prove that the only oil shortage there is, is the one that came from the conspiracy that exists to bleed us dry.
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