Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Senate swallows Bush's Financial Fantasy Story

A diagram showing the front side of a typical ...Image via WikipediaApparently, The Senate has swallowed Bush's financial fantasy hook line and sinker. They have scheduled a vote and are about to assassinate the American people's financial security.
The property that Bush and his buddies want to buy has not been maintained and some of it is in terrible shape. Bush would have you believe that someone would take this property off the government's hands at some point. The problem is that the government will have to maintain it or repair it. This will cost a boat load of money and once the government owns it they are committed to it's up keep. If they don't keep it up they will have to sell it at fire sale prices. The government's record on maintaining this type of property is abysmal, so you can bet the fire sale is coming. What does that mean for you and I?
It means the government will take a huge loss and because they are pumping 700 billion dollars of new money into the economy, inflation will sky rocket. How many of you remember the days when interest at banks was between 15 and 25 percent and everything doubled in cost. This what we are in for if this passes. The dollar will become like the penny. You will be stuffing them in cans and exchanging them when the can is full. This is just what the administration wants, because their rich friends will be getting unprecedented interest on their millions. We however will be saving it cans for lunch money. The days of going out to dinner are over people. Congress and the White House just want to hold the crash off until they can get reelected and that's just what this bill does. When the election is over you can bet that we will all be paying for it in cash. Get used to buying with cash too because the days of groceries on your credit card will be over unless you happen to be in the upper 5 percent of the income bracket and they don't need credit. If this isn't clear enough for you bone up on the great depression and then throw in staggering inflation and you might have a clue of what's coming. Basically, financial Armageddon is about to hit and this bill will only make it worse in the long run.
What the government knows is that the economy is based on you borrowing. That is the grease that makes the wheels of the economy turn. If you can't afford to borrow, it all stops and you will not be able to afford to borrow after this election.

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