Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Election and The Change Game

Crazy Sarah PalinImage by earthpro via FlickrWe all want a change. That's a fact. Americans want someone to change the way Washington works. We really need change. The politician's have been telling us that they represent a change during the presidential races for decades. Most of you don't remember, or don't care to remember, that George Bush said he was the agent of change. He ran as a Washington outsider, who would shake up Washington and make it work for us. Of course we all know that he got elected. Why, because you don't look at people's records and you're biased in one way or the other. You should have known there would be no change when he picked, one of the most ultra Conservative hawks to be his running mate. A man who was pro big business and pro big oil. The man was Dick Cheney. A man we have all grown to hate.
Now once again we hear that this election will change our lives and change Washington. You are all on the band wagon once again letting your emotions and biases guide you. Obama's people think that he will bring change, but who is his running mate? A Washington insider, who represents the status quot (the same policy). I watched him during the democratic debates and he stated that Obama was wrong over and over, but now he has gotten religion and some how sees Obama's policys as if they were brought down by Moses with the Ten Commandments. All in the sudden, the Washington, where he has served for over 30 years, is the problem. Why wasn't it the problem ten years ago. The fact is that Washington has always been a problem. Now I know you Obama people are foaming at the mouth, so here's the other side of the coin.
McCain is not beloved by Republicans, because he actually reads bills and votes the way he thinks is best, but McCain is stubborn. That is good and bad. He thinks that the answer to all our problems is to cut taxes and let us alone to prosper, but as you know, business is leaving our country for China daily, so a tax cut isn't going to fly when your unemployed. He doesn't understand that for the most part we don't manufacture things in this country Any more, which means that we can't find and keep work, so we can't prosper.
Obama and McCain are at two different ends of the spectrum, but they are selling change. Get your calculator out and crunch the numbers and you'll find we are screwed with either one. Look at the make up of Congress and you will find career politicians, who vote to keep their spot in Congress, but have tons of options if they lose. We all know what those options are; working for lobbyist, representing foreign governments and writing books and doing speaking tours at 50,000 a pop.
If you want change you are going to have change who's in Congress. I don't get why your neighbor is not good enough to vote for what you need, assuming you agree with them. If the people you live next to don't know your issues, then you are not talking to him or her. I guarantee you that if you took the time to ask, you would find out he or she has the same problems you do. Americans seem to forget that the majority of president's weren't sophisticated snobs. They were regular people with faults and shortcomings. I think you are all caught up in the trap, that the President has to have status and an Ivy league degree. The truth is that people with ivy league degrees have nothing in common with you. They have ten times the earning power and can pick their jobs. They mingle with people who have a vocabulary that leaves us saying, what did he mean and what does this word and that word mean. They have million dollar homes in neighborhoods where you would be picked up and questioned for walking down the street.
I am not trying to tell you how to vote. The economy is not going to improve, just because you elect one or the other, It is in the tank and it's not going to suddenly turn around. I am trying to get you to set aside your biases and listen to the candidates without letting your opinions affect you. When you start doing that you are going to have good questions that you want answered and you will see that neither side is answering questions. How many times have you heard candidates say they have a plan and how many times have they followed it? The most amazing thing is when you ask them about their plan they refer you to someone else or somewhere else. It makes you wonder if they know what's in the plan and whether they want you to know what's in the plan.
A good used car salesman tells you all the upsides of the car they are selling you, but when you look it up on car facts you find it was under ten feet of water in New Orleans. No one is checking the facts for you here and your not demanding them, so if you get that car, it's your own fault.
I always find that no one voted for the guy when things go south. Amazingly he won through an act of god. The votes just suddenly appeared. Both these guys have skeleton's in the closet. Obama voted present 200 times on bills that came before him in the Illinois Legislature. I find it difficult to believe that he had no opinion on over 200 bills. McCain is a straight shooter, but he draws to fast and has been known to make mistakes. He is a fly boy through and through. You don't have time to think at 200 miles an hour with a MiG bearing down on you. I find this a bit troubling in politics though.
Change, change,change! We all know we need the right kind of change. but saying change over and over is not an assurance that things will change. More over it doesn't mean that it will be good change. I think you had better ask for specifics, or the change you get might be your living arrangements. From your house to the curb.
George Bush promised us change and we got change. We went from pretty good times to an economic nightmare. We went from peace to fighting two wars. By the way none of these people are coming home to stay, they are headed for Afghanistan and as you may or may not know, Afghanistan has never been conquered by a foreign power. The Russians met their Vietnam there. Will we do much better?

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