Friday, October 3, 2008

Blackmailed into The Bailout

The University of Virginia, designed by Thomas...Image via WikipediaWhat do you do if your huge banks that hold the keys to the economy and you are about to take a big hit? You use blackmail to force the government to take on your losses, so you can make huge profit's. How do you accomplish this? You simply refuse to lend money to anyone and let it be known that the lending freeze will continue if you don't get bailed out. Is this what the banks did? Have you got some money to wager, because you can bet that's what happened.
In a country where loans fuel the economy, they have more power than the government. Congress promises an investigation, but it's a safe bet that if you elect these people back into office you will get the biggest cover up since Watergate and unlike Watergate it will work. No one is ever going to know what went on in the backrooms of the banks or how they held this country hostage until the government wrote them a check. The Bush legacy of lying to the public has a new mile stone. One that no other administration has ever been able to come close to matching and one that will never be matched again.
We are now committed to printing money faster than the credit offers you used to get. I guarantee you that the government will print money with great abandon and the dollar will fall like a rock. If you had a trip planned to any country outside the United States, you had better forget it, because you will have to hand them a suit case full of money to get a coffee. In the mean time the government will go back to Communist China with their hands out begging to borrow money. China won't need to invade us they will own us.
Expect the Chinese to wait until we owe them, so much that they can dictate policy to the United States, then expect them to take away your freedom. The Bush Administration is selling us out to the Communists right in front of our noses and no one is raising a finger to stop it.
Lead in our kid's toys toxins in our food. What else will the Chinese give us. Perhaps a new Constitution written in Chinese. The FDA has now stated that a known toxin is acceptable in our food, because the Chinese have so much clout in this country. Put a little of this toxin in to every product you eat adds up to a lot. The Chinese are murdering their own children with Melamine and now we find that it could be in a lot of our food. How many products are you eating now with this toxin in it and how much does it amount to in your diet. Better find out before you end up dead.
The Bush legacy is a history of caving in to crooked businessmen, crooked Banks, thousands of dead soldiers, and toxins in imported goods. It will be a depression that last for the next seven years and a blood bath in Afghanistan. On top of that the odds of Al queda and the Taliban taking over Pakistan and getting nuclear weapons is growing daily. Imagine Bin Ladin with nuclear weapons.
Bush has sold America out at every turn and the bailout is the biggest sell out of all. The million dollar question is where was Congress when this was happening and the answer is standing with lobbyists who payed them to turn their backs on the people. You voted them in and they sold your future out and the future of your kids out. They knew the banks were black mailing the United States and they paid them off. I wonder if they were saving our investments or their own. I'll bet you already know.

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