Monday, September 29, 2008

Bail out the Banks? What about American's

Let me try to explain the public's reaction to this bailout. Why is the reaction so negative? The fact is that people don't like banks. In fact they hate them.
For decades now banks have done nothing, but charge us the highest interest rates that the market will bear. They have nickled and dimed us to death with fees and late charges and any gimmick they could find to bleed us dry. They have used credit reports to hold us hostage and to justify higher interest rates. People know that the banks have done nothing but steal from us any way they can.
Congress has allowed this behavior and catered to the banks every whim. People are tired of their behavior and Congresses turning of a blind eye to it. Now the banks come to us with their hands out and threaten us again, but this time things are different. We aren't going to bend over backwards for them and we aren't going to vote for anyone who does. The small concessions that the banks are making to get bailed out don't impress us. If they are desperate and it doesn't look like they are, then they need to change these behaviors, because the next shoe to drop is to simplt default on all the debt that americans have aqucired in credit card debt. People don't care any more. They see it as us against them. The banks have enslaved us and we don't care if they fail. It may be self destructive, but people are now making a choice between handing their paychecks to the credit cxard companies and their basic needs. They are choosing their basic needs and they know that they are not in the position they are in because of the banks alone. They are in this position, because Congress, both Democrats and Republicans have sold us out to the banks.
We don't beleive that anything will change after this bailout. They have seen Cogresses lack of commitment to changing this situation, so they aren't buying that things will change. The Congress will get reelected and continue with the same behavior that it has demonstrated over the past few decades and we know it.
If Congress is afraid of losing in this election, they have a damn good reason. People aren't going to accept this deal. Congress talks about main street and protecting them, but there is nothing in this bill that will reign in the banks and change the basic fact that the banks continue to steal from us, with unethical practices. that's the deal breaker and until that changes you can bet that no one will support this bailout.
This is a depression and people know it. It's not unnoticed that Congress won't use that word. They would call it anything, but a depression to escape the political consequences, but those consequences are coming to spite the fact that Congress will not call a spade a spade.
I suggest that you take some time off, rather than vote for this bailout. A nice trip to Europe to visit with dignitaries. Anything to avoid committing political suicide. I only tell you this because I support you and beleive in you, but if you vote for this a lot of people are not going to be happy.

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