Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Location of Washington, D.C.Image via WikipediaWell it's all over. The press has told you what you think now and who the winner is going to be. Why bother going out to vote? Obviously there really is no point to voting, because the press has told you what you think and they have decided the winner.
I think The Press has gotten way out of control. It just makes me so angry that they keep telling me what I think. I think most Americans are fair minded people. Yeah, there are some idiots on the left and the right that say unacceptable things. Unfortunately the first amendment applies to idiots too, but for the most part it's good.
This is not a football game. There isn't a next season to get it right. You have to stand back and look at the facts. The facts are simple. Raising taxes on anyone during a depression is bad. It takes money out of the economy and sends it to Washington and we all know how Washington spends it's money. The President makes suggestions to Congress. He doesn't pass laws. The Congress passes laws. The same Congress that you all hate. In Washington a good idea starts out in a committee and they work out a deal. They change the bill so that they can pass it. This means the good idea becomes not as good of an idea. After the Committees it goes to the floor to be voted on and people add amendments. This usually results in the rape of the original idea. This happens in The House of Representatives and in The Senate. Next The House and The Senate sit down and wheel and deal on the bill. They add things and change things and finally the pass something that has nothing to do with the good idea we started with. These are the facts. You have to decide who can twist enough arms to get a bill through Congress with the very minimum of changes, because peoples jobs, homes, and the food in their grocery cart depend on it. The fact is that Congress cares about you when they want to get reelected. The rest of the time they could careless if you fall in a hole. Obama style is to sit back and let people talk and if he doesn't agree with something he votes present. Is that what you want in the White House. McCain is wrong about taxing benefits, but that proposal would have a chance of passing in Congress. They both talk about cutting programs line by line and doing the same with the budget. The truth is that no President has the power to do that. They can either sign or veto the bill. The budget is proposed by the President, but Congress takes out what they don't like and adds other things they do like and sends it back to the president to sign or veto.
I said this is not a football game and what I mean is, there isn't away to unelect someone you don't like after they are in. You can pull your quarterback in football, but not in this game. The reality of tonight's debates was that Obama spent the night dodging questions and changing the subject. You see as much as McCain doesn't want to talk about the economy, Obama doesn't want you to know who his friends are or that he voted present 130 times in the Illinois State Legislature. He didn't have the guts to take a position and stand his ground and say yes I believe this or no I don't. You can't vote present as President. You have to make a decision and see it through.
The Press seems to miss that point over and over, so they have told you who to vote for so go do it. They run your life right? I am still considering writing in Hillary, because at least she was in touch with reality, whether you like her or not.
I'm sure she would have Bill continue his trips to Africa to support his health initiative there, so he wouldn't be under foot.

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