Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Want To Say "DUH To The Press And The Government?

Location of Washington, D.C.Image via WikipediaWell The Press is starting to get it, but the government is in denial about the economy and Americans. We seem to live in the real world, as opposed to the fantasy world that Washington is living in with the press. We know our paychecks don't buy what they used to and that our jobs are going to India and Chine. We also know that employers are blackmailing Americans with the all to real threat that they will go to China or wherever. Now here's the world the government and the press are living in.
They think that we should borrow until we can't borrow any more, and then borrow some more. They don't seem to care if we can't pay our bills, but they sure do care if banks can throw loan and credit card offers at us until the shredder wears out. Yes, if they could pass a law that forces you to borrow they would. Obama, McCain? Don't kid yourselves. They are not offering real answers. We just keep getting the same canned ideas over and over If you believe that they are going to help you, you need to go to the clinic and get off crack. Why?
The answer is simple. When jobs and houses and oil caused us to go into shock and scrimp to pay the bills, they voted an 800 billion dollar plan to bailout the rich. If you say that's not true I say show me the check that came to bail you out. If you can I want to know why the rest of us didn't get it. Who voted for that money to bailout the bank's? Obama and McCain, that's who. What did they tell us about our bailout? We'll take care of you later, That's what. I hope you are not betting on that happening or holding your breath. The first will result in complete despair and the second will cause you to pass out over and over. They haven't talked about a plan, because they don't have one. Isn't it strange that the whole country is asking for specifics on the economy and neither of them seem to have any. This should be a clue to you, or does someone have to hit you with the kitchen stove? The fact is you need to bas your vote for the one that isn't going to rape us with taxes. You need to vote for someone who doesn't like the idea of a global economy. Global economy are the words that mean your job is going to china and the government is going to give the company tax breaks to do it.
What we need are jobs based on making things and building things. Jobs that make people want to buy made in the USA. We need to have an economy that does not have made in China stamped on it. People you need to start reading labels. Made in china means some one's job went out of the country. It means that what you bought is toxic (contaminated). Lead bas paint, hazardous chemicals, and god knows what else are in anything from China. Half of what China makes is not allowed to enter Europe, because they have safety standards, but you just go right ahead and vote your job out of the country. Vote yourself and your children into a life time of debt. Vote for higher gas prices, Vote for the biggest depression in history. I haven't decide who I'm voting for, but I'm considering on writing in Donald Duck. After all his uncle has money. Unlike us.

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