Tuesday, May 25, 2010

$70 A Barrel

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Oil pours out of the well in the "Gulf" by the barrel. It continues to destroy the envirement, but there is something else that hits me. We are paying $3.00 a gallon for gas and we keep hearing that there is an oil shortage, but thousand of barrels of oil a day are pouring from one well. If one well can produce this much oil,; Are we all being taken? If this was so precious a recource; why isn't this a national security issue?
I have long believed that we are being lied to about the amount of oil that is being produced in the world. This just brings me to a firmer belief that oil is abundant. I think that oil prices are being used to keep the U.S. economy stable. So, much tax money and other revenue comes from oil that the government has a desire to see oil prices continue to rise. Oil is a money maker for every level of government in this country and around the world. I think that the U.S. encourages oil prices to rise in order to offset the deficit.
Get ready for $4.00 a gallon gas again. BP and the companies involved in this tragic disaster are going to recoup their losses and your pocket is the place they are going to go. Since the 1970's The federal government has allowed energy cost to rise across the country. They are in bed with the energy companies and the anger we see fron Congress is designed to divert our attention away from their policies. Policies that are robbing us blind every time we drive our car or use energy to heat or light our abodes. Americans have become sissys. We can't stand up to our own government. The party in office is only a symptom of the problem. The problem is the carreer level government employees that run the day to day activities of the government.
At $70 dollars a barrel that is a hell of a lot of money floating around "The Gulf". Coincidently there is a hell of a lot of silence in Washinton about it. The government put the economy of our country into the hands of the oil companies and turned their backs. Now a few people in a government agency are getting fingers pointed at them. The bottom line is that the government sent the message to those people not to make waves in the oil companies tubs. They did what was expected of them. Now that the picture is becoming clear surrounding the government's policy a lot of people want to keep us distracted with picturesof oil floating around.
Finally, I would like to send my sincere sympothy for the families of the oil workers who were killed in this tradjedy. They have been lost in the story. Funny how the casualties seem to be forgotten. It is a disturbing pattern in the energy industry. From coal to oil and beyond.

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