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Internet Dating Busted

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So you want to meet that someone special in your area, but youv'e been missing him or her in every part of town. You decide to go to the internet and pay to meet someone. Well, some of these sights hire people to send you messages when you sign up for a free membership? They give those people 35 to 55 dollars for every person they get to sign up. There is at least one secret site that signs people up to lure you in and probably more.
In my investigation I found that many of the dating sites are linked together. They share profiles of people across the sights. These people are the people who lure you in. Strange that they all have silver memberships to the sites they contact you from.
I am not saying this happens with all internet dating, but it is very widespread. With women they pay Mr. Right to keep them hooked, because just like a bar, if there are no women, the men don't come.
Once they get you they hit your credit card upfront for the whole time period you signed up for, depending on your level. When this happens people stay to get their moneys worth. Maybe you think that you will cancel before it ends, but they hit your card again, before you can cancel. Some sites only let you cancel by mail. Mail can be, mysteriously, unable to reach the company in that case.
How to know if it's a scam? The thing to do is to right click on the sites page and click on view source. This will show you the code that they used to make the page. I know most people are not tech heads, but you can read. What you are looking for is names of other websites that the site is linked to. They will start with http://www. that is how you can recognize sites that you are sharing your information with directly. They also sell your info, in some cases, to third party companies. Next thing you know every email scammer is trying to get you send them money.
Here are the countries you do not want to have any internet contact with if you get an email that you didn't sign up to get, Ie spam. Ghana, nigeria, south Africa, England, The United States, (bet you didn't think of that, albania, china, and every other country, but especially these. If they don't send an email that has your name and directs you to go to a site that you have an account with, you don't want to know them. Hit delete immediately. If they send you a link, for god's sake don't use it. Keep your phone handy and have the numbers to the stores, credit cards, and banks in it. Do not label them as what they are in case your phone gets stolen. Call the institution that has contacted you and ask if they contacted you. Do not use a number on the email. This will save hundreds and thousands of dollars. If you call and they were not trying to contact you. Change all your passwords ASAP. I suggest using something that not even your husband or wife would know about. This seems stupid, but hackers and scammers are now stealing peoples user names and using them to contact people to get information. The same goes for texting. In ten seconds I can know all your relatives names, your schools, your freinds, your pets name, and pretty much anything that you have used on any unsecured internet site. If you don't beleive me go to My and check it out. There are hundreds of sights like this. If your cell phone company can sell your information stop doing buisness with them. Why? Because your phone number is used on many store and bank sites to identify you. Anyone can call you and tell you they are from a store or bank or whatever. They can also send you texts saying they are someone you know you answer back you are screwed. You can bet someone will be trying to access that site and if they do it's going to cost you. Guess whatI had them call and impersonate me and they got money transfered, but I secure my money, so it doesn't get out of my control, so I just transfered it back. Don't think you can do that.
If you think that there is any company that is protecting you think again. They get paid when this happens. They charge fees. Everyone wants money to fix it. It cost a minimum of ten thousand dollars to fix identity theft and in the mean time you haven't got access to those accounts, because they are frozen.
Being Lazy is a good way to hand someone your retirement, without even knowing it. The government has access to all of the scammers information, but unless you file a complaint when there is an attempt, they don't have the right to investigate. You need to go to the FBI Cyber crimes site and file a complaint and the more the better. Help stop scams, hacks, and other types of illegal activity. Remember, the next sucker might be you. If you take care of it when they attempt it, it may not go any further. Last tip. you have minimize the damage that is done or they don't have to restore the money back to your account. That means report, report, report.

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may I add that you should always call from your phone whanever you can and don't answer text about personal info.