Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Terrorists May be posing as U.S. Citizens

terrorists at Mumbai with AK 47Image by dotcompals via Flickr

In what could be one of the hardest to detect schemes yet, terrorist from Militant Islamic Groups may be posing as U.S. citizens to access site where they can then freely chat. This could be happening on some dating sites that have chat built in.
It is unconfirmed, but it maybe that the terrorist are posing to be from states where they aren't citizens under fictitious U.S. identities. They friend each other on these more secure sites and then have discussions. If this is true then they could go undetected by authorities while planning an attack.
It is a fact that Ghanian's are doing this on some dating sites to lure in American men. There may be other nationalities who do this also. Since many sites do not check the origin of the IP and it can be routed through U.S. servers it has become easier for this kind of activity to occur. Many of these sites are payed sites that do not lend themselves to public scrutiny.
The Hidden News would like to appeal to members of these types of sites to report this kind of activity.

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