Monday, January 2, 2012

Racisst republicans Will Win In Iowa

Ron Paul, member of the United States House of...Image via WikipediaThe Republican Caucasus are set for tomorrow and polls show that two stealth racists will win in Iowa. It is no secret that republicans think they have the right to own blacks since they referred to Herman Caine as one of "their blacks." but not we see that Ron Paul who's newsletter ran racist stories for decade may win the Iowa caucuses and Rick Santorum, who says that Obama supports abortion because he is black, may place second.
     It may seem that Iowa is not typical of the Republican electorate, but I would argue that it is Indicative. Republican candidates have moved to the right of Hitler to impress the voters in Iowa. They say they support Israel, but odds are that is simply a military position not an acceptance of the Jews. Republicans even have their version of acceptable Hispanics. I guess the anti Castro Cubans fall into that category rather than the run of the Hispanics that didn't swim as far as Cuba are not acceptable unless they can be control led by the people who's lawns and gardens the fix.
     We have seen the shift to the Eric Cantor, I''m better than everyone) Republican Party. This Reactionary side to the party seem to resonate withe Super Conservative we are the Klan by another name Republicans that the party has embrace. The trend began with Rush and has become more evident with the influence of Rupert Murdock. Nothing is out of bounds to these people who see themselves as being surrounded by non white and non evangelicals.
     The loss is to the true Republicans who believe in the basics of the American Dream. Hard work, an opportunity to have a better life for their children, and the knowledge that this can happen for anyone in The United States. The great republican Abraham Lincoln would puke if he could see the degree level his party has sunken. A bunch lying fanatics who would steal your wallet and give it to a billionaire. Funny that the people they spit on would return it.
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