Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Republican's Want To Fix Their Broken Toy

Through the Bush Administration Republicans had control of the Presidency, The House, and The Senate. During that time they could (and did) pass any law they pleased and they did. They did everything they believed would lead to a strong economy. We got a train wreck. The economy went down the toilet because greedy people were allowed to do exactly what they please. Republicans assured the public that no one would willingly destroy their own businesses and financial security. They would play by the rules because it was in their financial interest. Well bad news they were WRONG. NEGLIGENTLY WRONG!
     People have forgotten that this economy is the result of closing your eyes and letting things happen (as Republicans still propose today). We got free trade, thanks to Newt Gingrich led us here. Then Two George Bush's watched as the economy glanced off a wall only to crash dead on into it. George Bush one was terrible for the economy and his son the idiot alcoholic borrowed us right into finacial Armageddon. Spending would have never been an issue if Bush had not borrowed us right out of our credit rating.
     The economists were wrong and are silent now. The fact is that neither people or their govenment can borrow to buy limitlessly. This is economics 100. No one can borrow more than they can afford to pay off, but they all did. We spent three trillion dollars on Two wars and it is piling up faster than we can pay the interest, but we can't get out of the middle east. Who would equalize the power in those areas. The U.S. knows, Al Queda backed by Packistan. Soon Packistan will fall into civil war due to the opposing views of it's people's. The radical Islamists on both sides will pick up guns and begin to fight each other. This will leave nuclear weapons in peril of being distributed to finatics. Hell, Pakistani's are finatics. We have seen it time after time. We will never get out of there.
     As the dollars we need to fix our economy get sucked out of our treasury by wars that will never end, we can't afford to do what needs to be done to create jobs. This is what Republicans don't want you to remember or think about. There is no economic growth here because buisiness doesn't need to hire people in this country to make Billions. Our jobs are now in china and india and a 100 other countries who won't or can't afford, to buy American made. Any way hardly anything they need is American made.
     There is no prospect of a recovery. The stock market is going down and it will not come back, the price commodities like gold and oil tell us that. People who have money won't put it in stock. Banks are teetering on the edge of failure. If Europe defaults they will not be paid back for tens of millions of dollars they lent. This will lead to bankruptcy for them, which is how we got that word. Banks went broke during the great depression. They will again but now they are huge banks and that will reak havoc on people in the middle and those who are about to retire. The real economic disaster is about to take place and Europe is where that will happen and President Obama can't stop that. The fact is that even Europe can't stop it. The clock is ticking and every finacial advisor has his money some where safe, is your safe.

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