Monday, January 16, 2012

Coming Soon; Assault Weapons and Drugs from Texas

     As people scream about immigration, Texas imports Drugs from Mexico and exports assault weapons to Mexico in record numbers. It would seem that law enforcement in Texas has turned it's back on gun stores that sell thousands of guns to Mexican Mafia figures yearly, which reenter the U.S. to kill cops in other states. Yay for Texas gun dealers. The ATF knows this is going on and has yet to charge gun dealers for this practice. Maybe they don't want to get shot with those guns either.
     Texas businesses store drugs for cartel members and ship them to our neighborhoods. Thank you Texas, but would you mind stopping, of course you would, because this is what the Republicans call capitalism and free trade.
     I would say that it might be done unwittingly, but when they back a tractor trailer up to the guys business that is highly unlikely. Everything is bigger in Texas including the greed, which adds to the earning of the drug cartels. Wonder who in politics is getting their cut of that money. Next time your politician says he supports the NRA ask if gets a cut of this money.
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