Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The KKK Rides In South Carolina

Newt and the rest of the KKK (Republicans) debated last night. We got more references about how blacks need to get jobs and get off food stamps. He also seems to think that black kids should be school janitors. Watch out school Janitors the Republicans want to put you out of work. They want cheap black labor.
     In this day and age racism is totally unacceptable. We should annex states that have problems like this and move the ignorant white people to Guantanamo. Maybe they would appreciate the fact that we have a free society. All people have rights in this country. Any one who opposes this should lose their freedom until they understand that their freedom doesn't over rule any one elses' Maybe it's time to put a bounty on their scalps, the same way people have done to others in the past.
     Republicans put 10 million people out of work by sending their jobs to China. Newt and Romney just loved doing that. Romney actually personally sent 10's of thousands of jobs out of the country single-handedly. He also create thousands of jobs there. Romney should be running for President of China. He did more to make them a power than any other Republican politician except maybe Newt Gingrich. He who be Prime Minister in China.
     Republicans call it free trade but it was really a plot to take American jobs and send them out of the country. The idea being that only the rich would have money in the United States and they would have slave labor to mow their lawns and clean their homes. Back to the days of Hazel the maid.
     The only people who are envious are the rich. They got tired of seeing people who could afford houses like theirs and big ticket items. Their lives lost meaning because they couldn't have any one to look down on. They paid politicians to sell out the American people, so that the rich could feel good about themselves. Its no wonder that people are fed up with the elites. They may however find that their plan worked to well. Now the criminals have only one place to go to steal and its the Rich people's places and businesses. At this rate they might not be safe driving anything but a 10 year old Hyundai, so they don't attract attention. Hell in Ten year they may have to move out of the United States to remain safe. The days of kidnapping could come back. We already see it in Mexico. How far off can it be here.
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