Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Republicans End Medicaire!

U.S. Medicare spending per capitaImage via WikipediaRepublicans will vote to end Medicare for people below the age of fifty-five. This move will commit the children of future seniors to pay for their parents medical insurance or leave them uninsured. The Republican move will directly result in the death of millions of senior citizens who's children are unable to pay the cost of medical insurance for their parents.
     Republicans have decided that ending senior health care and care for the disabled including former military personnel is better than ending huge multi billion dollar tax break for oil companies like BP. The Republicans wish to see seniors simply die and go away. They tried to pass legalized euthanasia of seniors and failed  so they will now reduce the senior population by denying them medical treatment. Veterans who receive Medicare benefits will lose their coverage in the proposal by the Republicans. The bottom line is that if you worked to build or defend this country you are now expendable.
     The elimination of Medicare will deny anyone who has paid into Medicare from ever collecting on it. Instead they will need to cash in their 401k's and IRAs to pay for their own health care when they retire and to pay for the health care of their parents. In a move meant to strip people of their financial independence Republicans have promised huge tax breaks to corporations and people who make over 1,000,000 dollars a year, paid for by what will be the end of the middle class in America and the end of health care for older members of their families.
     In addition to ending Medicare, Republicans will give the Medicare Tax to insurance companies and allow them to decide who and what they will cover. No health care will exist for some people over the age of 55 if an insurer decides that the person is to expensive to cover. This marks the end of Franklin Roosevelt's promise to take care of the people who built America. In a further move Republicans will eliminate care for the disabled including Veterans. It appears that Republicans can afford to sacrifice children in war, but can not afford to care for them when they come back injured. Veterans are a drain on the resources of the country according to Republicans and we can no longer afford to waste money on their health care.
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