Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Muslims Are Unstable

Flag of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic RepublicImage via WikipediaConstant murders by Muslims and the actions of Muslim leaders in the middle east point to mental illness in the Muslim Community. Their violent nature indicates that they have a basic genetic instability that makes them extremely dangerous.
      Authorities must begin to examine the mental stability of Muslims in every walk of life  because their mental problems make them prone to commit violent acts. This is the problem that Western Countries face with people in the middle east who say they want democracy. There is just no way to know if these people  are mentally stable. This is also basically at the bottom of all the Republicans concerns about the President's religion. They will not say it overtly, but they question whether the Presidents heritage makes him unstable too. Of course the President is quite healthy mentally and it is more likely that the Republicans need the mental exam due to their violent leanings.
     One only needs to look at the case of Gabrielle Giffords to know how unstable the Republicans and their followers are. Their standard approach is to reach for a gun before they consider sitting down to talk.
     Still the Republicans can't be blamed for wondering if Muslims are mentally ill. We have witnessed several incidences of Afghani's snapping and murdering American soldiers. This type of behavior makes one wonder if there is not a defective gene at work. Perhaps they should be studied to see if they have some kind of genetic problem that makes them more likely to commit violent acts. Of course this story will probably result in some king of mass mental break down, which results in violence by Muslims around the world.
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