Sunday, March 6, 2011

Broken America

USA annual GDP from 1910-60, in billions of co...Image via WikipediaIn this time of economic hopelessness there are some things that people need to know about our government and our country.
     Republicans have pledged to cut billions from the U.S. budget and I think that we have all heard that most of the budget can't be cut. Why? The fact is that most countries in the world hate the United States, so in order to get any kind of cooperation from most countries the U.S. has to pay them. Both Republicans and Democrats know that we are paying billions of dollars, so that countries will not do things that are against our interest, or so that they will buy our products, or let our products be sold there, or to control who they allow to travel to our country. This is not a small amount of money it is 100 of billions of dollars. Add to that the billions we send to countries in weapons and humanitarian aide and the world is getting payed.
     The U.S. government and Congress know that we can no longer afford to pay these countries billions and billions of dollars, but they are being blackmailed by those same countries to continue paying. Neither the Government or the Congress have the guts to say no. They don't have the guts to tell countries that if they don't buy our goods we won't lat theirs into the United States. The government inability to say no to other countries has directly resulted in the flow of American jobs out of the United States.
     Companies that are based in the U.S. need to be able to stamp made somewhere else on their products so they can export them to other countries, because U.S. goods are not welcome in most countries in the world. These companies have moved the manufacturing of products to China, India, and Mexico, so they can stamp made in those countries on their labels. If they don't do that, they can't sell their products in other countries, because Made In America is not welcome there.
      The Depression we are having (it's not a recession), is directly linked to the fact that ours goods aren't allowed to be made here. American workers are out of work, because only Americans can buy goods that are truly Made In America. The fact is that since Americans can't buy enough junk, we have no economy. We can't manufacture our way out of this economic Apocalypse, because most goods are not made here. Our factories are not hiring here, because nothing is made here. Goods are being shipped directly to other countries, so they don't create jobs here. All the jobs that come from warehouses and shipping American goods will never come back because they don't exist any more. What the government doesn't want to tell you is that 13,000,000 people are Shit Out of Luck if they want to work. Those jobs are gone forever and retraining programs are only a way to cover that fact up.
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