Saturday, April 16, 2011

The National Debt

Official Portrait of President Ronald ReaganImage via Wikipedia The National Debt has sky rocketed because Republican presidents decimated jobs in The United States. With every Republican president from Reagan on, the middle class has watched it's jobs disappear. Free trade sent American jobs to Japan. Then to Korea, China and India. Every job that went over seas shrank the tax base in the U.S. until the government had to borrow to pay the bills that taxes had once covered.
     The U.S. lent Billions upon Billions of dollars to other countries and forgave their debt instead of collecting the money that had been lent. Tax payer money. When the government borrows, it borrows in your name. Republicans took us above the old debt limit and raised it. Their administrations account for over 10 trillion dollars in debt. Did Republicans care about you when they spent that money? Not hardly. They gave huge corporations tax breaks and allowed them to pay 0 tax on any money that they kept outside the U.S. If a tax payer does that it is tax evasion, but corporations can do that. They gave oil companies tax breaks to drill, so gas prices would stay low. Are your gas prices low? No! Because like everything the Republicans do it became a way to make them rich. Are you driving a limo? They are. They get tax free gas. They get free gas in Washington. I laugh at people who are not rich and are Republican, because they are dumb suckers. While the people they send to Washington are getting billions from big business, they think that the million dollars there town gets is a lot. The truth is, that is just what they spend on one commercial on network TV. Most Republicans are dumb ass hicks. They have no clue that the guy they sent to congress is set for life. Congress is a club and once you get in you get paid for life even if you screw everyone that voted for you, but Republicans have turned Congress into their own personal Swiss Bank accounts. They can raise Billions and if they don't get elected they get to keep it. Big oil and big business make sure that they get a ton of money to keep and when they don't get reelected, then they hire them. Do you see Carl Rove living next door to you? Hardly? Now there is no money to pay the bills because no one has a job. You can't collect taxes from people without jobs. Oh and where are those jobs? They are overseas, because that is what free trade is. Sending all the jobs over seas. How many people travel from India to eat in your restaurant. Not enough I bet. No jobs means no taxes which means a huge national debt. A huge national debt with no taxes means the dollar isn't worth a dime. The things you own are only worth what someone else will pay for it. That goes for the things that you sell too. No jobs means no one to buy it. Basically that means what you thought was worth something is worthless. That gold you bought, who is going to buy it. Who can afford it? Who will be able to afford it? As the cost of ever day living goes up, people can't afford as much, so there are less people to buy it. This is what happened with houses. When no one could afford houses any more, the suckers were left holding the houses. When no one can buy gold any more the suckers will own it. Who do you have to thank for all this? The Republicans, because they put the people who could buy your stuff out of work. Hope you have a restaurant in China, because that is where the buyers are.
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