Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Smoking: How to ban what you don't like.

Shipment of cocaine bricks confiscated by the ...Image via WikipediaOnce a person is addicted to any chemical it is impossible for them to quit and be around it with out wanting it. This is why ex-smokers want everyone else to quit. If the government worked this hard to keep illegal drugs off the streets we would be able to walk the streets in the city at night again.
     I quit smoking because i chose to quit. I would have kept smoking if I didn't decide to. At some point cigerettes will become like any other illegal drug and people will drive down the street to the dealers to buy them.
     Kids are not smoking but they are getting nicotine and using it. They buy the gum or electronic cigerrettes or probably ways I can not imagine at this point. I have heard kids say nicotine is the greatest drug and they will never stop using it. No one can legislate health or safety. People ski straight down the face of mountains. Race cars. Build planes out of parachute material. There will always be something to make illegal. The sad thing is that we are turning people into criminals because we don't like what they do. They cry is alway the children, but once they are adults they just become trash.
     People are spending there checks on cigerrettes and not paying for food for their kids. Yes you can push the price up to a hundred dollars a pack, but addicts can't stop, being addicted. I will always be addicted to cigerrettes, but I am not smoking even though I want to all the time. If anyone tells you different they are liar.
     The final part of this plan is simply to make cigerrettes illegal, but it will force it underground and create another market for illicit drug dealers. Are we prepare to add tobacco to the list of chemicals we are willing to pour billions of dollars into stoping the flow of. We can't stop Cocaine or heroin or meth right now. We tried this with alcohol and we got prohibition. We have gangs just as lethal as al cappone's in this country allready and more start every day. The prison are over filled now. They are releasing people to put other people in. It costs a a trillion dollars to pay for health care in the prison system. This is part of, what they call, the nondiscretinary spending.
     There are anti anything you can name groups and cigareetes are just the tip of the iceburg for people who want to control their neighbors because they can not control their anxiety and their owns circumstances without banning what they can't deal with. This started as a second hand smoke issue and has become what it was the the starttt a ban smoking movement and all smokers know this. They try to avoid smoking around people but that is not enough. They are being pushed slowly out of sight and it will go underground and the kids that smoke now will be the addicts of tomorrow and people will be saying send them to prison if they aren't allready.
                             Great going guys.
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