Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Republican National Committee Targets Democrats

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The Republican National Committee has target Democrats literally. Today the leader of the Republican National Committee refused to condemn death threats and attacks on Democratic offices.
In it's most facsist attack on Democrats to this point Republicans and their pundents have create an atmosphere where death threats are acceptable. It can only be a short time before assasinations of Democratic leaders follows. Republicans have placed crosshairs on Democrats. They continue to whip their base into a mindless frenzy, which can only end badly. If the worst should happen they will of course deny any part in it, but the public will know different.
When people spit on members of congress without consequences it shows the lack of respect that can lead to anything. Even though some republicans condemned this act, they did not apologize for creating the atmosphere that would encourage it.
They have crossed the line and come to the verge of becoming criminally responsible for their indifference to the violence that has occurred. Should one person die, they should be charged as accessories.
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