Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just Die! The Health Care Debate

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Republicans lost the election. Now they would rather see people die than stop running for office. They are in the process of finishing off the job they started while they were in power.
It seems that job is putting everyone out of work by shipping their jobs overseas and watching them die and reduce the surplus population, when they don't get medical treatment. Why would they do this? It's simple. They want to keep the super riches taxes low. In eight years they didn't pass any bills that cut taxes for anyone in working class America. They didn't pass anti abortion law. They just can't be bothered with the people who vote for them.
They act like a bunch of spoiled 5 year olds. Dick Cheney, who led the conservative charge is busy rewriting history. I guess he thinks the more he runs his mouth, the more people will forget that he was in office when the bottom dropped out.
Republicans let banks run wild. They let the stock market sell worthless mortgages all around the world. Now, all of the countries in the world are in a great depression. No one can afford American goods. No one who is in government wants to tell you that things are going to get worse.
The stock market is beginning to realize that businesses have cut their costs to the bone. There is no more money to be saved there. Health Care Costs are so high that they can't hire people back. They can't sell things, because health insurance premiums are rising 30% across the nation and people are spending their money there. Health Care Cost are threatening to bring down the government. We are writing IOU's to China left and right to stay afloat. Think of that. We are borrowing from a country that has nuclear weapons pointed at us and will not enter in to nuclear reduction treaties.
The Republicans have begun the slippery slope of borrowing from the country that brought us a Nuclear North Korea and a Nuclear Iran. Thank You George Bush for ignoring our enemies around the world while they conspired to arm themselves with Nukes and built the largest terrorist network we have ever faced.
Terrorism is not new. During the 70's and 80's Palestinians terrorist bombed and hijacked planes, but in the world we live in now terrorist are in the process of taking over Pakistan and obtaining nuclear weapons. Say what you like, but it was only under Obama that we have begun to kill terrorist leaders and capture the masterminds behind the terrorist networks. He has gone after them any where they go. Killing them in Pakistan, Yemen and any where else they've tried to hide.

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