Monday, March 29, 2010

Volvo, Cadium Cars

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China has annouced plans to buy Volvo. Can the country that brought us lead filled toys and cadium jewelry be trusted to build a safe car? I wonder what the brakes will be like on them. The U.S. Government continues to allow China to poison us. Now they will have a liscense to kill everyone on U.S. highways. Can you imagine going 65 mph and having a car bumper flying at you. It could happen. The Chinese have decided that if they can't kill us in a war they will try to do it with our products. We all know that made in China should be accomanied by a skull and cross bones.
The U.S. government has wimped out over and over when it comes to protecting us. They only act when watch dog groups or someone else manages to penetrate the secret records of companies. They want money and they are willing to kill people to get it. I don't know who they think will be left to buy their products. Well, yes I do the Chinese people. There are so many of them that no one will miss a few million.
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