Friday, March 12, 2010

The New Republicans

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Todays republicans should fight big government. People who are sleeping in their cars should get a job. They should take their kids and work in the feilds. There are plenty of farm jobs for all of them. They can move from place to place with the seasons. Their kids don't need school. They are just riff raff. People who lost their houses or their money, because of the economy should get over it. They invested poorly and they paid the price.
We should not have to support the health system. People die. That's just the way it is. It's just a fact of life that kids get sick and die. Why do we have to pay for it. Their shouldn't be unemployment insurance. That is big government. People should get their own insurance for that. The government shouldn't fund anything, but roads and National Defense. People can fend for themselves. If they are dumb enough to fall for scams and ripoffs, they deserve what they get. The private sector can protect the people. We don't need cops or law enforcement. We could save a lot of money by turning it all over to private companies.
We're not racists. we beleive that everyone has an equal opportunity in the United States. People should help their own people. If they took care of their own kind the government wouldn't have to do it.
People should help themselves. They shouldn't expect hospitals to foot the bill for their illnesses. They probably didn't take care of themselves and now they want us to pay. Let them die, we have too many people any way. We can't afford them.
We are Republicans and we are damn proud. We aren't going to let that black guy tell us what to do. We'll fix his tail. We'll just refuse to vote on anything. The people will see that he's not going to get anything done and vote him out. If they lose out, it will teach them not to vote for one of them again. Next they'll want a beaner in the White house.
We're going to put a stop to this before it goes any further. I know Harry Mitchell and the rest of the Republicans agree. They just can't say it straight out, so they let Rush and the rest of us Conservative talk show hosts to do it.
Is this The Republican point of veiw? I don't claim to know, but would it surprise you.

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